The reasons Hanuman was successful as the messenger of Shri Ram

The tactics employed by in a competition to win, or a business to compete, or a peace treaty to be success or for creating fear in the opponents all have one thing in common which is the messenger who delivers it. The handiness of the task depends upon how the messenger can deliver the task using the right intelligence. One learns these success mantras through Shri Hanuman on whom Shri Ram had great trust and confidence in fulfilling the task of the search of Mata Sita. Hanuman goes a step ahead and not only finds out about Mata Sita, but also strikes fear in Lanka with his courage and proves the might of Shri Ram in the camp of Ravan. Hanuman gives insights on the right ways to work on a situation in a place unknown, yet achieve success.


Persuasion – The team which went in the South direction led by Angad roamed endlessly in all areas but could not find the address of Mata Sita. Even though the time set by Sugriv was over, they still did not leave their persuasion to search for Mata Sita. After finding out that Mata Sita was held captive in Lanka, They go even more ahead in their persuasion. Hanuman with the efforts of motivation of his team takes the huge leap across the ocean and persuades his journey to Lanka. Although he is stopped by many hurdles, he does not leave his will to reach his destination. Persuasion to reach the goal is the frist factor which leads to success

Ability to confront – During his travel to Lanka, Hanuman faces obstacles in ways of testing his strength, intelligence and might. Hanuman uses the right way in the tight time and overcomes all hurdles. He humbly acknowledges Mainak the mountain to give way, uses his intelligence in pleasing Surasa and employs his strength in killing Simhika. The ability to use proper skills in the right time is the other factor of a messenger which helps in success in the mission.

Choosing the right time to act – After reaching Lanka, Hanuman immediately does not start his search for Mata Sita, but waits for night to fall and does not reveal himself. He first finds where Mata Sita and assures her by giving the message of Shri Ram to her. It is only after he has done the task of his swami first, that he starts his real task of being a messenger of Shri Ram to the enemy and starts striking fear in them. A messenger’s real ability is to give priority to the first assigned task and then see to other things which Hanuman successfully does.

Assessing the strengths and weakness – A dutiful messenger puts his intelligence in assessing the capabilities of the opponent. By destroying Ashok Vatika, Hanuman starts a war with the warriors of Lanka and assesses who all are powerful in Ravan’ army. By becoming captive with own will, he reaches the court of Ravan and shows the strength of Shri Ram. As a truthful messenger, he first advises Ravan against bloodshed, but when Ravan does not listen, he sets fire to Lanka and destroys all the prime points of safety of Lanka and makes the enemy vulnerable.

The task of a messenger is never easy, but Hanuman singlehandedly handles it. He delivers the message, knows the opponent’s weakness, shows the strength of his swami and returns back with humility to Shri Ram proving that Shri Ram’s confidence on Hanuman was never wrong.