The reasons Shri Ram trusted Hanuman in the quest of Mata Sita

In the quest of Mata Sita, Sugriv had assembled all the Vanar warriors to go in all the directions of the land and search her whereabouts. All the Vanar warriors were mighty, swtift and possessed great strength and with complete devotion on Shri Ram, all put their heart and soul in the quest. However, one warrior who was exceptional in this was Shri Hanuman. What made him exceptional was his unconditional in his swami and the determination to fulfil the task and five traits which made him different from others.


Unconditional faith – Hanuman had no other wish but to serve Shri Ram all his life. The moment he met Shri Ram at Rishyamuk, he knew that his long days of awaiting his swami were finished. When Shri Ram asks Hanuman who was he, Hanuman could have told many of feats and accomplishments as a warrior, but instead he humbly mentions that he is an eternal servant of Shri Ram and requests his servitude. This gesture gives Shri Ram complete belief in Hanuman, as the one who is humble is the one who is capable of achieving the impossible.

Swiftness – Being the son of Vayu Dev, Hanuman had movement and speed of the wind. He was the one who carried the great warriors Shri Ram and Lakshman on his shoulders to Sugriv and unites them in freindship. Bearing the Almighty on his shoulders was not an easy task but Hanuman could do it with faith in the Almighty himself. This made Shri Ram believe that even if there was any obstacle in the quest, Hanuman was capable of overcoming it

Intellect – While all the Vanar warriors took leave of Shri Ram and left, it was Hanuman who went a step ahead and asked Shri Ram as to what message he had to deliver when he met her for Mata Sita to believe that he was the aide of Shri Ram and not an enemy. Shri Ram gets mighty pleased with Hanuman thinking a step ahead and this gesture gives Shri Ram complete beleife that Hanuman would fufill the task of finding Mata Sita.

Valour – Shri Ram very well knew that Hanuman would display all his valour in completing the mission and counter the enemy if needed in the quest of Mata Sita. Just as Shri Ram believes, Hanuman passes all the obstacles of the Ocean with his valour. In lanks, although he had all the opportunity to defeat Indrajeet in the Ashok Vatika, he forcefully binds himself to the spell of the Brahmastr so that he could study the mind-set of Ravan by talking to him. At the same time, he unleashes his power and creates fear in Ravan by burning the city of Lanka thus showing his valour that he was no mere monkey, but a great warrior.

Dedication – Shri Ram had total trust in the dedication of Hanuman. Proving that, Hanuman does not rest even when he was offered a little break by the Mainak Mountain. With total dedication towards the task , Hanuman does not rest till he returns back to Shri Ram carrying the Chudamani and the message of Mata Sita to Shri Ram

Hanuman proves that trust and faith to do a task makes him achieve the impossible and even the Almighty believes in such traits and blesses him to be successful, just as Shri Ram gives Hanuman the ring and blesses him to be successful in the mission of finding Mata Sita.