The shadow of Shri Ram with an identity of her own – Mata Sita

A shadow never leaves the body and follows everywhere, reminding that no matter what, it is the constant companion of a human. Hence, one compares true companionship to a shadow. A perfect example for such companionship is Mata Sita, who was Shri Ram’s shadow all her life. In saying she was the shadow, it was never that she did not have a mind of her own, but she was the one who made Shri Ram’s ideals strong, having an identity of her own and being an example of women power who wins everybody’s heart through patience, humility and ever-lasting love.
Obedience as an ornament – She was as obedient as Shri Ram was to her parents. Although Mata Sita’ heart was set on Shri Ram before the Swayamvar itself, but just as Shri Ram obliges his mentor Rishi Vishwamitr, Mata Sita also keeps calm protecting her father’s dignity. Respecting her father’s vow, she does not express her feelings and does not step out of her father’s modesty and leaves her faith in Shri Ram to win her hand, which he successfully does.
Sharing good and bad times – Everything looks good during happy times and it is during the bad times, that virtues are put to test. When Shri Ram is exiled, without the slightest hesitation, Mata Sita gets ready to accompany him. When Maharaj Dasarath asks her to wear the princely garments to forest, she simply rejects them saying that she wouldn’t need them when her husband does not wear them. She upholds the respect of Shri Ram and turns away all the comforts, and follows him plain clothes and a heart full of love, which pleases Shri Ram the most.
Believing in her faith – It is not an easy life for her in the forest, but she spends her time in the affectionate company of Shri Ram and enjoys her life in the forest. The most difficult time comes for her when she gets kidnapped by Ravan. Yet, she does not lose faith in Shri Ram. Ravan shows her many riches, threatens her for life, and does many tricks to subdue her, but Mata Sita stands as firm as a mountain with all her love devoted to her husband. She treats the mighty Ravan as equal to a tiny blade of grass and hits his pride and arrogance.
Standing up for her identity – After Ravan’s death, when her chastity was put to test, she withstood it rather than accept a life of blame. She accepts Shri Ram’s decision of undergoing the trial of fire as she believed that her husband’s integrity is hers too and she would overcome the trail with her faith and love for Shri Ram. She displays excellent courage and will power and sets a great example of self-respect of a woman in all the three worlds.
It is only when there is a shadow that we look up to light. As a shadow of Shri Ram, Mata Sita was always there for him highlighting his ideals, spirit and adherence to Dharma as a true companion and this what’s makes her so dear to Shri Ram.