The single hand combat of Shri Ram with 14000 demons

With Lakshman cutting of Shurpanakha’s ears and nose, Ramayan takes a complete turn, wherein destiny starts playing its role and thus starts the downfall of Lanka.

Shurpanakha enraged by the insult done to her, rushes to her brothers, Khar and Dushan. Shri Ram senses that the wrath of an insulted woman is treacherous. Both Shri Ram and Lakshman get prepared for a battle foreseeing danger. Meanwhile, Shurpanakha goes to her brothers Khar and Dushan who ruled over Janasthan. Khar and Dushan were the sons of Vishrava and Raka, the other wife of Vishrava, after Kaikesi. They were aghast to see their sister in such a state. Shurpankha, however only tells them the story of her insult, but not the reason behind it and demands that they go and kill Shri Ram and Lakshman.

Khar enquires about Shri Ram and he is told that Shri Ram and Lakshman were the same young hermit princes roaming in Dandak forest and killing the demons. Khar gets furious on hearing this and sends 14 mighty demons to kill Shri Ram. With Shurpanakha leading the way, all reach the hermitage of the brothers.

Shri Ram already prepared for action, warns the demons to go back. He says that they were peacefully residing at Panchavati and if the demons try to disturb their peace then as per the word given to the sages, he would have to kill them. But the demons insist on war. Shri Ram orders Lakshman to take care of Mata Sita and he goes forward to encounter the demons. With simple ease Shri Ram aims a single arrow and kills the 14 demons in a single strike. Shurpanakha is totally frightened seeing this, but revenge dominates her fear, and she goes back to Khar and Dushan. Listening to what has happened, Khar and Dushna along with their brother Trisiras, march with their 14000 army of demons to Panchavati. Mata Sita gets worried as to how the two brothers could face such a vast army. Shri Ram assures her and orders

Lakshman to take Mata Sita into a cave beyond the trees and guard her while he would handle demons singlehandedly.

Then, Shri Ram marches alone on the vast army which was spread in all the four directions. Seeing Shri Ram, all the demons attack at once, just like a group of dark clouds cover the Sun. But Shri Ram releases the Gandhravastr from his bow, which shells out thousands of arrows and hit the demons. The demons did not understand from where the arrows were coming, they could only realise that they were hit by Shri Ram’s arrows and they fell down dead. Seeing all the demons dead, Trisiras rushes forward, but is killed with a single arrow by Shri Ram. Dushan then attacks Shri Ram, but he is killed too. Khar understanding that Shri Ram is not a mere human, fights with all his powers and sorcery, but all goes in vain and he is killed by Shri Ram by an arrow gifted by Devraj Indr. With outstanding valour and strength, Shri Ram kills all the 14000 demons along with the three brothers in just 72 minutes. He returns back to the overjoyed company of Mata Sita and Lakshman who appreciate his valour with all heart. With the defeat of all the demons at Janasthan, the Dandak forest becomes totally free from demons and peace returns to the forest life, with Shri Ram fulfilling his promise to the sages.