The Sixteen Qualities of Shri Ram

Rishi Valmiki wanted to write a great epic poem about a man who possessed all the good qualities of a human and his story could be an inspiration for all in the centuries to come. Maharshi Narad tells him about Shri Ram. He elaborates the principles of Shri Ram and the path he laid for mankind to safeguard Dharma.


The qualities of the Maryada Purushottam are mentioned in the Bal Kand of Ramayan. The foremost quality was that he was गुणवान ्, a virtuous one with humility and respect towards all. He was a वीर्यवान,् a valiant warrior, who had killed the demons and feared none of them.

Along with being a धर्यज्ञः the just, Shri Ram shined with a quality of being a कृ तज्ञः, the one who freed all from their sins. He was the compassionate one who redeemed Ahalya of her curse. He was a सत्र् वाक्र्ो truthful one, who never spoke lies.

Shri Ram was asked to go to exile for fourteen years to keep his father’s word. He got ready for it immediately although none in Ayodhya liked it. Maharaj Dasarath himself asks him to
revolt against him and win the kingdom from him. But being a धढ व्रतः, the determined one
he politely refuses, as for him the priority is to keep his father’s word, and not ruling the kingdom.

He had utmost good conduct, wherein he does not even show any hate to his step mother Kaikeyi, for sending him to exile thus becoming a चारित्रेण च को र्ुक्तः. His quality of सवभ ेषु को हितः, compassionate behaviour makes him lovable by all, be it the tribal chief Nishad Raj Guh, or the mighty Eagle Jatayu, the monkey king Sugriv or even the little squirrel who helps in the Ram Setu. He is adept in all Sastras and Astras, learnt from his gurus Rishi Vashist and Rishi Vishwamitr making him ववद्वान, सर्र्यः the capable one.


Words are not enough to describe his beauty एक विर् दर्यनः. He is exceptional in his looks and nobody can match him. . There is none who do not admire his beauty. When he visits Mithila streets along with Lakshman, all were so enamoured by his beauty that irrespective of age and gender, all thronged in the street to have a glimpse of his radiant beauty.

He is the आत्र्वान ् , courageous one, who does not fear anyone and anything. Rishi Vasisht also calls him the जित क्रोधो , the one who has controlled his anger and senses. His brilliance and skills in war made him the द्र्ुततर्ान,् through which he defeats the demons.

Not for a moment was he jealous of anybody, he was the अनस कः. Although he was told
that Bharat was to be the king instead of him, he did not feel jealous of it and in turn blessed Bharat. These vital qualities made him the Yug Purush and thus, he became the
बिभ्र्तत देवाः च िात िोषस्र् सर्ुग,े the one whom even gods feared, if provoked.

Shri Ram possessed these qualities not because he was an incarnation of God, but he possessed them as a human to prove that all mankind could practise them. It is just that one needs to realise the significance of these qualities. They are much needed in the present times as adapting these leads to a betterment of the self and the society too.