The son who sacrificed his young age for his father

Parents have the greatest responsibility to take care of their children’s each and every need and play a significant role in moulding their life with good values, care, and a promising identity. In the same way, it is equally the responsibility of the children to be there for their parents. The Bhagavat Puran mentions about one such son Puru, the son of king Yayati who helped his father inspiring the foundations of a family.


During the time when the demon king Vrishaparva ruled over the Asuras, the righteous King Yayati ruled over the earth. One day, Devayani the daughter of Rishi Shukracharya was playing water games with Sharmishtha, the daughter of Vrishparva when a gush of wind comes and their clothes get entangled. The women come out and mistakenly wear each other’s clothes. However, when Sharmistha realises this and asks Devyani to return back her princely clothes, Devyani refuses and mocks Sharasmistha’s that the entire demon kingdom was at the mercy of her father and hence she need not return them. Hearing this, Sharmistha gets angry and pushes Devyani into a well, and goes away.

After sometime, King Yayati who was hunting in the forest comes down to the well to quench his thirst. He finds Devyani in the well and gets her out of it. Devyani requests marriage with him and to which he accepts. Seeking revenge for Sharmistha’s arrogance, Devyani requests Rishi Shukracharya to make Sharmistha her maid and send her with her to her new home. Rishi Shukracharys orders the same to the demon king Vrishaparva who, in fear of the rishi leaving them, agrees and sends his daughter as Devyani’s maid. However, Rishi Shukrachray warns Devyani to keep Yayati and Sharmishta away from each other.

Days pass and both Yayati and Devyani spend a happy life and beget many sons. On the other hand, Sharmishta feels bad for her life and one day takes a chance and requests Yayati to give her a son. But, Yayati refuses for the fear of Rishi Shukracharya. However, Sharmishta convinces him that it would be against Dharma to refuse a lady’s request and they secretly marry. Three sons are born to them, Dhruvy, Anu, and Puru.

Eventually, Devyani comes to know about the secret marriage and complains about Yayati’s act to her father. Rishi Shukracharya is enraged and curses Yayati to lose his youth and become an old man. But Sharmishta falls at the feet of the Rishi and explains that it was out of her wish that Yayati had agreed to marry her. Listening to this, the rishi softens down and mentions that Yayati could exchange his old age with any of his sons and enjoy his unfulfilled desires of life.

Yayati calls for all of his sons and tells them about the curse and asks his son to help him. All refuse except for Yayati’s youngest son Puru. While all the sons get afraid to lose their young age and pleasures. Puru mentions that fulfilling his father’s desire was his greatest pleasure and happiness. Yayati’s joy knew no bounds seeing his son’s sincere love and devotion. He takes Puru’s youth for a thousand years and fulfills all his purposes of life. Then,
he comes back to Puru, returns his age to him and makes him the heir to his throne, and ascends to the heavens. As righteous as his father, Puru came to be a noble king and it was after him that the Kuru Vamsh was named and the legacy of Puru continued.