The specialities of Arjun’s chariot in the Kurukshetra war

Be it the challenge of life or the challenge of war, the common factor is how one manages to reach the destination with success. Apart from the talent, skill and intellectuality of an individual, what helps him to overcome and unknown and the unseen dangers in this ride is Almighty. A greatest example of the Almighty as Shri Krishna as the charioteer of Shri Krishna drove Arjun in the path of Dharma and hence the chariot which leads to the success of Arjun became a very significant one.


One of the very first reasons what made Arjun’s chariot special was that it was driven by the Almighty Shri Krishna himself. The world is a battlefield of challenges, and the one who rides the chariot of life in a cautious and an intellectual way while adhering to Dharma leads to success. This aspect is beautifully depicted by while he rides the chariot of Arjun wherein he drives cautiously avoiding all pitfalls and also brisk and swiftly so that the enemy can never overtake them. He directs not only the chariot but also Arjun in overpowering the enemy in the right time and in the right way.

It is well known that Arjun was not only guided by the Supreme Being here, but also by Shri Hanuman. In the Dwapar Yug, when Shri Ram incarnated as Shri Krishna, the noble devotee rushes to be in the presence of his swami, while Shri Krishna guided Arjun to victory. Hanuman’s presence on Arjun’s chariot was also important for the factor of belief and faith. It was total faith and belief in Shri Ram that always drove Hanuman to success in his missions. In the same way, by perching himself on the flagstaff of Arjun’s chariot, Hanuman develops the faith of Shri Krishna in Arjun which is the key factor of success. Thus, he also makes Arjun the ardent devotee of Shri Krishna as it was to Arjun to whom the Supreme Being had shown his Vishwaroop and blessed him with the true enlightenment of life through the Bhagavad Gita.

It is always the charioteer who has the greatest risk of his life when he rides his owner to victory. Shri Krishna although the most powerful warrior had taken a vow not to take fight in the war and thus had no weapon to his name. Instead, he believed and encouraged Arjun to fight the greatest warriors of Kurukshetra and thus gave his dearest devotee all the credit of success. But in reality, it was Shri Krishna’s great power which kept the chariot intact all the time. After the entre war was over, Shri Krishna asks Arjun and later Hanuman to step out from the chariot and he gets down later. The moment he alights from the chariot, the chariot burns down to ashes. It is at this time, Arjun realises that Shri Krishna was safeguarding him from all the energy and power of the various warriors and stopping them before their force reached and harmed Arjun.

Arjun’s chariot is inspirational in a special way that it helps one understand that although how much ever one might be talented and skill full to avoid pitfalls of life, but they do not shine without the support of the Almighty and it is in fact that Supreme Being who steers our course of life in the right direction.