The strength of a mother gives strength to the family

A family’s strength is always defined by the strength of the mother who gives all her life to the upbringing of the family. It is only her conviction and faith which helps the family stay together. Ramayan reflects on these qualities of a mother who stood with responsibilities and never gave away to emotions of life take over her way of Dharma and duty.

Mata Kaushalya – The principal queen and the mother of Shri Ram, Kaushalya was a personification of noble heartedness and righteousness. It is not beyond words to say that Bhagwan Vishnu chose to be her son for all the wonderful qualities embedded in her. As Shri Ram, he was the total reflection of her qualities. The greatest test comes to Kaushalya when Shri Ram was exiled. Although she had all the right to fight for her son, she does not interfere with the Dharma of Shri Ram and suffers silently blessing him to gain strength to keep up his word.
Maharaj Dasarath’s demise makes her even lonelier. Yet she never steps back on her responsibilities towards Bharat and Shatrughan. She counsels a dejected Bharat and gives him courage to walk on the footsteps of Dharma, thus treating all the four sons alike. Kaushalya is an example of a mother who sacrifices all her life for Dharma and as the one who understood the priority of righteousness over personal happiness.

Mata Sumitra – If there was any friendlier mother, it is none other than Mata Sumitra. The mother of the twins Lakshman and Shatrughan, she guided them in the way of servitude just as she served Kaushalya. Her strength is greater than all, where she puts aside her own pain and lets Lakshman accompany Shri Ram and Mata Sita to the forest. She comforts Urmila who was separated from Lakshman as a friend and fills everybody with a hope that adversities always come to an end. As a righteous mother, she supports and gives strength to Bharat to take care of the kingdom and set things right in Ayodhya. Mata Sumitra proves that a mother never steps back on giving support to the family, especially during difficult times.

Mata Sita – Life was never a smooth ride for Mata Sita, yet she gracefully embraced the journey. She walked along the footsteps of Shri Ram in the forest with no complaints. Her patience is tested to the core when she awaits Shri Ram to come and release her form the clutches of Ravan. When all has come to a good end, life again turns up with difficulties for Mata Sita and she once again returns back to the forest, this time with an additional responsibility of bringing up Luv and Kush, the heirs of Shri Ram.

She lives a life of anonymity, but puts all her strength in making her children worthy heirs of Shri Ram. In her upbringin , the twins turn out to be great warriors and highly intellectual individuals that they easily defeat the entire army of Ayodhya and return to Shri Ram as his true successors.
The strength of a mother can never be measured, as it only grows as and when the family needs it. It is an irreplaceable trait which is the foundation of the family and her strength is the strength of the entire family. This strength till date is derived from the revered mothers of the Ramayan and it is not beyond words to say that they are forever the inspirations of motherhood.