The truths of Ramayan relating to today’s times

Truth is the eternal factor which never changes. Ramayan, being the mirror of truth conveys this message through the story of a man who made truth his life purpose. What makes the classic epic unique is that the truth mentioned in the Ramayan suits even to today’s modern times. Shri Ram was way ahead of his times and with his conduct makes it clear to today’s society that no matter time changes, truth is the same and reflects in all times in the same way.

Virtues are man’s best friend –It is through the virtues of humility, courage that Shri Ram stands for truth and faces all adversities of his life. It is because of his virtues that Mata Sita adored him with her life and followed him in his footsteps. Lakshman becomes his inner soul and shadow because of the noble virtues with which Shri Ram took care of him as an elder brother. No matter he did not have any comforts in the forest and life was tough, his virtues helped him be happy in the company of his most loved ones and also become the protector of the sages. In the fast changing lives of today, it is the virtues which help us face the unexpected changes and troubles of life. Be it a business, job, profession or family, what makes us strong in each of it is the individual virtues one possess and with which how he manages his relations and work in the fast life.

Karma is the big factor – What one does in action, so does the consequence follow. Ravan reaped the sin of abducting Mata Sita and his karma followed him by destroying his entire family and clan. But in the same family was Vibhishan who by his virtuous deeds stood for truth and hence he had the ultimate protection of Shri Ram who made him the king of Lanka. In today’ s world, man runs behind unfruitful causes which are leading o destruction of self and Mother Nature, and the result is in the form of pandemics, tsunamis, droughts and many more which are causing havoc in human life. Ravan and Vibhishan’s life teaches that so shall you sow, so you reap, and it is the choice of good or bad which is left to select on mankind.

Determination is the greatest strength – Shri Ram had a single determination that he has to uphold his father’s word. It was not a simple life as a hermit which he lead in the forest, but he fought evil forces, bore the separation of Mata Sita, walked forest to forest, built a bridge to reach Lanka and finally kill Ravan. In all these situations, he never loses his determination to stand for truth. Shri Ram and Lakshman were alone when they started the fight, but their determination was so strong that the millions of Vanar warriors joined their purpose and fought to achieve success of truth. Today, no matter one feels alone and problems are many, but determination is the one thing which helps us fight even major calamities and adversities. In any passing phase of time, it is this quality which makes one a winner.

Bought up as an adorable prince, Shri Ram went through ups and downs of life as just a human does, but the truth is , he emerged a winner with those qualities which will help mankind even in today’s times , it’s just left for us to follow them with conviction.