The virtues depicted by the important incidents of Ramayan

Being born as a human is considered to be the most privileged birth. When the Almighty choses to give us a life, he also decides our destiny and bounds us to certain incidents in life, which might be painful, but teach us how to stand strong on Dharma. It is not just that the Almighty simply puts us to test, but he himself undergoes the tough challenges and brings out the beautiful virtues of life through the challenges and leads mankind the way to follow his footsteps. As Shri Ram, he taught the entire mankind that in every single incident of life, there is a virtue and a quality of life which inspires mankind to fight and stand for Dharma.
The two boons of Queen Kaikeyi – The value of a promise
While the people of Ayodhya were rejoicing the announcement of Shri Ram’s coronation, Manthara‘s provokes Queen Kaikeyi to send Shri Ram to exile. Maharaj Dasarath bound to his promise given to his wife sends Shri Ram to exile. Shri Ram had all the right to rebel and go against the word of his father, yet he does not and happily obliges to go to exile. He also stops Lakshman from going against Maharaj Dasarath and Bharat and keeps the family united.
Shri Ram teaches that a promise, big or small needs to be kept, as that is how trust builds between one another and Dharma is protected. Maharaj Dasarath forgoes his life, yet does not call back Shri Ram from exile for the sake of his promise. Both father and son show how beautiful a bond of a father and son can be through this.
The Golden deer – All that shines is not gold.
Life was peaceful at Panchavati, till Shurpanakha came along. Marich in the shape of the golden deer separates Shri Ram and Mata Sita. Mata Sita’s attraction to a golden deer is a beautiful lesson that one should not fall for outward appearances as they can be deceptive. Shri Ram and Mata Sita undergo separation from each other to teach mankind the most important lesson of being simple and not to be attracted to false appearances. Shri Ram knowing that this would separate him from Mata Sita yet goes in search of the deer and bears all pain silently for the greater good of killing Ravan and establishment of Dharma.
Shri Ram and Mata Sita getting separated after the coronation – Respect for Dharma
As Bhagwan Vishnu’s incarnation, Shri Ram’s purpose was to establish ideals of a righteous king. Giving importance to Dharma more than his own happiness, he takes the hardest decision of his life to send Mata Sita to exile when he faces the blasphemy of Ayodhya’s citizens for her chastity. Shri Ram respects the thoughts of his people, while Mata Sita respects Shri Ram’s word, thus both giving respect to their own individual Dharma, prove that Dharma is above all personal happiness and it is an entity which drives the whole Universe. While Shri Ram takes care of his subjects dearly, Mata Sita takes the responsibility of bringing up their sons, Luv and Kush as great warriors and noble persons just like their father.
Being an incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu, Shri Ram choses to be a normal human to teach the entire mankind that to save, protect and preserve Dharma, one need not have miraculous powers, but a righteous and a strong mind is enough to spread out the best qualities of life.