The virtues of Shri Ram which make him a super hero

When Bhagwan Vishnu incarnated in his human avatar of Shri Ram, he had two purposes to fulfil for establishment of Dharma. The first being the killing of Ravan, and the second one to inspire mankind to practise virtues which help their life be a purposeful and an ideal one. Killing Ravan was not a big deal to Shri Ram, but he wanted to achieve it as only a human, so that it would inspire mankind to fight life’s challenges with belief in own virtues, rather than depending on any kind of miracles or super powers to help humans. What made Shri Ram a super hero was the sixteen qualities he possessed.


The foremost quality was that he was a virtuous one with humility and respect towards all. The second was that he was a valiant warrior, who had killed the demons and feared none as he believed that following Dharma gives great strength. Along with being the virtue of being a just person, Shri Ram shined with a quality of the one who freed all from their sins when he redeemed Ahalya of her curse. He was the truthful one who never spoke lies.

Shri Ram was asked to go to exile for fourteen years to keep his father’s word. Although Maharaj Dasarath himself asks Shri Ram to revolt, the determined Shri Ram politely refuses as his father’s word was more important to him than ruling the kingdom.

Shri Ram had the virtue of utmost good conduct wherein he does not show any hate to anybody, not even to his mother Kaikeyi for his hardships. His virtue of compassionate behaviour towards his friends makes them stand for him even with their life, be it Nishad Raj Guh, Jatayu, Sugriv or Vibhishan. Being adept in all Sastras and Astras, made him the shine with the virtue of intelligence and also the capable one of protecting the good from the evil.
Shining always with a smile made him a possessor of the exceptionally good looking virtue which nobody could match. When he roamed around the streets of Mithila streets along with Lakshman, all were so enamoured by his looks and thronged in the streets to have a glimpse of his radiant beauty.

Shri Ram was the possessor of the virtue of courage and did not fear anyone and anything. He had complete control over his anger and senses, which made him, take the right decisions at the right time. Shri Ram’s brilliance and skills in war made him the brave warrior, who had no competition in the entire three worlds. Not for a moment was he jealous of anybody and always wished the happiness and welfare of his family and people wherein he blesses Bharat to be king, even though it was Shri Ram’s birth right. He was never an enemy of anybody, but only fought injustice.
Shri Ram was ready to forgive Ravan too as he believed in peace, but not bloodshed. But when Ravan did not heed to Dharma in spite of given a chance, then only Shri Ram took up arms to retain.


Dharma, striking balance as a true warrior. With these virtues, Shri Ram became the ideal man for centuries to come and an inspiration to the whole mankind that being a hero does not mean having super powers, but possessing the virtues as their super power.