The War Strategy of Shri Ram for Victory

Where there is a will, there is a way. With great will power, Shri Ram and his Vanar army cross the greatest obstacle of the Ocean on the Ram Setu. The expedition of Shri Ram on Lanka is the principal event of Ramayan, wherein it describes all the strategies of war, leadership and warrior skills.


Usually when on a war expedition, scriptures mention that the king leading the expedition should have the battalions of soldiers on horse ride, elephant and charioteers to be present in the army. But, Shri Ram, Lakshman nor their army consists of any such battalions and instead, all walk barefoot to Lanka. The greatest power they have with them is the strength of Dharma which makes them invincible and creates fear in the hearts of the enemies.

Endowed with the qualities of will power and confidence, they overcome all the obstacles and reach Lanka with even the minimum means of equipment. Shri Ram and his army surround Lanka from all sides. For killing Ravan, it is just not the siege of Lanka which is Shri Ram’s strategy, but when looked deeper into it, Shri Ram starts plans of war strategy by annihilation of the demons right from Dandak forest and Janasthan, which were Ravan’s major outposts.

By the time, Shri Ram reaches Lanka, Ravan is left with no other forces but the warriors of Lanka and very few choices. Such farsightedness of Shri Ram in the strategy of war planning is indeed a lesson wherein one understands how step by step plans with a calm mind can lead to success.

Hanuman too does his job, by destroying the major security and storage areas of Lanka during Lanka Dahan. Ravan who was boastful about his resources turns into the act of self- defence by this, which is the first sign of fear in him. Fear is the greatest weakness, and Shri Ram develops it in Ravan slowly making him weak day by day.

The loyal friend Vibhishan takes Shri Ram, Lakshman and Sugriv to the summit of Trikut Mountain and shows them all the strong and weak points of Lanka, making it easy for Shri Ram to plan his attack on Lanka and place his army accordingly. With great intellect, Shri Ram plans up the stationing of his army in such a way that they could not be attacked from any side by the enemy.


Shri Ram orders Lakshman to divide the army into different battalions. Neel takes up the centre formation along with the valiant Angad. Shri Ram orders Rishabh to take the position on the right side of the army with his forces. Gandhamadan takes up the left side as per Shri Ram’s orders and Jambavan, Sushen, Vegadrashi, the wisest among all, take the position in the middle of the army. While Sugriv guards the rear of the army, Shri Ram along with Lakshman and Hanuman lead in the front creating a total protective strategy for war with invincible warriors on all sides.

Ravan’s over confidence that Shri Ram and Lakshman can never reach Lanka and find the whereabouts of Mata Sita is shattered. Ravan stands now facing the millions of the monkey army ready for war who with their gratitude are ready to lay down their lives for him. Shri Ram’s war strategy in bringing down Ravan and his arrogance is a perfect war strategy and a properly planned strategy always wins.