The wish of Jambavant fulfilled by Shri Ram

The Almighty understands the true love and devotion of his followers in all ways possible. He takes immense pleasure on fulfilling their little wishes going to any extent, for their happiness.

Shri Ram had a very special bond of affection with his Vanar warriors who stood with him and were the reason for his success with all affection devotion towards him. The demons of Lanka stood no chance in front of great warriors like Hanuman, Sugriv, Angad and the wise Jambavant.

After the victory of Shri Ram over Ravan, Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya along with his retinue and got crowned as the King of Ayodhya. In the festivity, Shri Ram duly honoured every Vanar warrior who helped him achieve success in his mission. However, when the turn of the wise Jambavant came up, he refused to take the honour and instead comes up with a strange request that instead of all the honours, he wanted to fight Shri Ram.

All are shocked at this strange wish of Jambavant, but Shri Ram smiles and asks him the reason for his strange request. Jambavant with folded hands mentions that he had never seen such a valorous warrior like Shri Ram before and hence wanted a fight with Shri Ram to witness the same valour of Shri Ram once more. Pleased with the straight and open request of Jambavan, Shri Ram mentions that it was his duty to fulfil Jambavant’s request and he would do the same in the future.

All is forgotten about this conversation of Shri Ram and Jambavant and time flies. Shri Ram ends his incarnation as is born as Shri Krishna is the Dwapar Yug. Shri Ram is born as Shri Krishna. Being immortal, Jambavant spends his time in the devotion of Shri Ram and yearning to see his swami once again.

Meanwhile, Shri Krishna too was waiting to fulfil his promise given to his dear devotee.

The time comes when, Shri Krishna gets accused of stealing the Syamantak jewel from Satrajit, an ardent devotee of Surya Bhagwan. To prove the accusation false, Shri Krishna sets out in search of the jewel and comes to know that through unexpected events, the jewel has come into the possession of Jambavant, who resided in a cave in the forest.

Deciding that the time to fulfil Jambavant’s desire has come, Shri Krishna comes to Jambavant and asks him to return the jewel, but Jambavant refuses. Shri Krishna challenges Jamabavant to a fight and a duel ensues between them for 21 days uninterruptedly after which, Jambavant is defeated by Shri Krishna. Then, Shri Krishna mentions that Jambavant’s wish of fighting Shri Ram was now fulfilled. Jambavant is surprised at these words. Shri Krishna then reveals himself in the form of Shri Ram and mentions that he had come to fulfil Jambavant’s yet unfulfilled wish of a fight with him during the incarnation of Shri Ram. Remembering his forgotten wish, Jambavant falls at the feet of Shri Krishna for his compassion to grant his unfulfilled wish. Then along with the jewel, he also offers his daughter Jambavathi in marriage to Shri Krishna with great happiness.

This simple, yet beautiful story depicts how valuable a promise and wish of a devotee is to the almighty. He simply proves that once a word given is a word kept by him and that is the real essence of the relation of the Almighty and the devotee.