The women who carved a niche for themselves with their chastity

A woman is the representation of strength and self-respect. Strength here does not mean physical or the power over people, but power over self, to overcome the many unseen challenges of life. Time and again, woman have proved that not only exhibiting leadership skills as queens and leaders, but they make idols of courage and strength through their chastity and reflect self-respect and confidence which help one face grave situations in life with a smile
Mata Anasuya – While a woman is tested on many frontiers by the society, Mata Anasuya was put to test by the trinity itself for her chastity. But, being a woman of confidence, she proved her chastity. Mata Anasuya faced the challenge of whether her chastity towards her husband Rishi Atri was great or her Dharma to serve the guests was important when she was asked to serve the three gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in a naked form. She balanced both by transforming the trinity into children and fed them as a mother. For depicting this purest form of a woman, Mata Anasuya stands out as the epitome of keeping up her chastity and standing up for Dharma through her smart intellect.
Sati Savitri – The cycle of life and death is unending and none can escape from it. But with her chastity towards her husband, a woman fought with Yam Raj and bought back her husband’s life. Although a princess, Savitri married an exiled prince Satvayan and found happiness in serving her husband dutifully. But she faced a grave situation when Satyavan dies in the forest. Without losing her hope, she follows Yamraj who came to take up the life of her husband. In spite of several threats form Yamraj, Savitri did not turn back. Pleased with her determination, Yamraj asks her a boon. Savitri requests that she bear hundred sons to which Yamraj agrees. Then with a very innocent look, Savitri questions Yamraj how a chaste wife can bear hundred sons without her husband. Yamraj is amazed at her intelligent thinking and gives back Satyavan’s life and blesses them both. Savitri through her amazing confidence in self stands out as an example of never losing determination even in grave situations.
Mata Sita – Born into the most illustrious family of Maharaj Janak and growing up as the adorable and the delicate princess did not stop Sita from being the tough and the strong woman she was bound to become. After getting married to Shri Ram, Mata Sita totally believes in the lifetime companionship with Shri Ram and becomes his shadow following him from the palace to forests with a smile on her face and confidence in self. Even more hardships come to her in the shape of Ravan abducting her and keeping her captive in Lanka. Mata Sita faces the troubles of being under the sun and shade of the weather, but does not remove the thoughts of Shri Ram from her heart. Ravan threatens her for life, but Mata Sita does not budge from her chastity. The aura of her chastity comes in form of Shri Ram reaching Lanka with millions of Vanars and killing Ravan and gaining back Sita with due honour.
These women were simple in their lifestyle and looks, but their beauty lied in their chastity. Chastity gave them courage to have belief over self and indeed these women stand as exemplary representations of the truth that a woman might be simple, but never weak.