This what happened to real life Mandodari after Ramayan

After the Epic show Ramayan, some artists kept on working in the industry but a few artists left the limelight. Actress Aparajita Bhushan played the role of Mandodari, Ravan’s wife, she has gone away from the limelight. Many actors have regained fame among this generation after the rerun of Ramayan and Aparajita is definitely one of them. She is the daughter of Hindi cinema veteran Bharat Bhushan.


In an interview, Aparajita said that after the sudden demise of her husband, she decided to do acting. She had two children at that time. She had no past experience in the film world, she used to do dubbing. At that time, Ramanand Sagar was in the search of ‘Mandodari’, he auditioned many candidates but could find one. Aparajita gave the audition for the character of Mandodari. Ramanand Sagar’s search was completed after he auditioned Aparajita.

‘Ramayan’ changed Aparajita’s life completely. She continued acting for 10 -12 years after Ramayan. She played veteran roles in more than 50 films in her career. Aparajita is currently away from the industry and she is spending time with her family. The last film she did is ‘Gupt’ in 1997. Later, she quit acting and now she has taken up writing as her profession. She is also a motivational speaker and a columnist for the Times of India. Besides, she is currently working on 10-12 books of her own.


Aparajita has always been very much into Spirituality, she has now involved in many spiritual activities which teaches the world about the art of living and peace of mind. Her excellent performance in the Ramayana will always be remembered.