Timely encouragement gives great confidence, imparts Jambavan

Out of the countless inspirations Ramayan, the best inspiration it gives is the timely encouragement to be given to the loved ones which makes all the difference in life, especially to the youngsters who are facing the stress of peer pressure, goal chasing and cut throat competition of the world. When an youngster in the family faces pressure, the family’s encouragement to deal the pressure will help overcome it and achieve success. A pat on the back works wonders in such times.


Such a pat on the back was given by the wise warrior Jambavan to Hanuman when he was lost in confusion and despair. In the search of Mata Sita, the group led by Angad went south. With great diffuclty, they reach the shores of the Ocean where Sampati gives them the information that Mata Sita is kept captive in Lanka by Ravan.

The Vanar group now is in a dilemma whether they should be happy that they know where Mata Sita is, or sad because they have a huge Ocean to cross, which looks totally impossible. All start discussing options, but there is one warrior who silently is just looking across the ocean lost in thought. Hanuman is confused as to how to overcome these mighty waters and fulfil the task of Shri Ram and bring happiness to him.

Looking at Hanuman, the intellectual Jambavan does the right thing. Being the wisest of all, he knows that Hanuman is the only one capable of crossing the Ocean, but what he needs a little encouragement. He starts motivating Hanuman with positive words. Jambavan reminds Hanuman of his power hid in him and forgotten because of his curse. Jambavan understands that this is the right time to unleash and remind Hanuman of his true potential and he begins boosting up the strength of Hanuman as one of the Ekadasa Rudras and has the power fo Bhagwan Shiv in him. Jambavan mentions how Hanuman even swallowed the Sun in his childhood, and for such a valourous warrior, the Ocean is just a mere leap. Seeing Jambavan encouraging Hanuman, rest of all too, start motivating Hanuman about his true purpose and how he is the only one who can cross the mighty Ocean. This timely encouragement of his friends boosts up the energy of Hanuman and he gets the confidence that he is destined to finish the task of Shri Ram. Just as how the encouraging words of Jambavan increased his spirits, Hanuman increased his size of that of a mountain and takes the greatest leap of faith in Shri Ram.


In the circles of family and friends, sometime or the other everybody faces a similar situation. When one faces the fear and despair of an exam, job interview, promotion, health or any decision of life which puts them in a dilemma and confused thoughts, words of encouragement do wonders. A small support, encouragement and timely action of assurance will help one get clarity and confidence to take a decision and be successful in life. All problems have solutions, it is the only the means which we need to find.

If not for Jambavan’s encouragement, Hanuman would have never crossed the Ocean nor found out about Mata Sita nor they would be the battle of Lanka. If a Mighty Ocean could surrender to Faith, then the Ocean of Life will definetly to surrender to faith and positivity, teaches the great and wise warrior Jambavan.