Challenging Role of Lord Ram

Ramayan has aired 33 years ago, When Sir Ramanand Sagar decided to recreate it as a show, it was a difficult task to do. He had to look for the perfect cast, proper research so that it could look real. He wanted to make people aware of it in-depth and provide real information about incidents that happened in Treta Yug through his serial Ramayan.

The most difficult part was of the actors especially the protagonist Mr. Arun Govil who was cast as Lord Ram because he had to play a character about which he had only heard or read, and he had to portray the character in such a way that people had to believe that there could be no better Ram.
Mr. Arun Govil succeeded in proving himself. After that people started considering him as the real God.

There were many incidents where people believing him to be a real God, One of them was told by Prem Sagar, son of Ramanand Sagar. During the shoot in Umbergaon, there was a tribe who used to bring their newborn babies and put them on Arun Govil’s feet to sought his blessings, which was a very adorable fan gesture. Mr. Arun Govil defined the character of Lord Ram so beautifully that people see him as in that way only and asks for his blessings till today.