To help, all one needs is a good heart proves Ramayan

Walking on the path of truth, facing fears courageously, giving values to promises, believing in relations more than riches and being of help big or small are some of the beautiful lessons which Ramayan teaches. Shri Ram was helpful to all his near and dear ones all his life, but what made him do that equally was the good heart of his special devotees who were always ready to help the compassionate one with their sheer love on Shri Ram.


Nishad Raj Guh – On the first night of exile, Shri Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman reach Shringaverpur, the kingdom of Nishad Raj Guh searching for a halt. But, It proves more than that when the simple tribal king offers his entire kingdom at the service of Shri Ram, and attends to his needs personally. For some food, bed and a ferry across, Shri Ram blesses Nishad Raj Guh and proves that the virtue of goodness is important, but not wealth.

Jatayu – Acquiring a noble friend is rare, and Shri Ram acquires one in the form of a flesh eating bird. Jatayu selflessly makes a choice to sacrifice his life rather than watch Mata Sita being carried away by Ravan. It is this choice which makes Jatayu an inspiration to mankind to never forgo a promise given to a friend. Shri Ram does his part as a friend offering Jatayu an abode in Vaikunth Dhaam as his dearest friend

Mata Shabari – A tribal woman offers Shri Ram already tasted fruits, which she picks up in the wild forests. Shabari belonged to a family of hunters, but her heart was pure and untainted. Along with the hospitality to the tired brothers, she also gave them the correct route in the quest of Mata Sita and made a permanent place in the heart of Shri Ram.

Sampati – With an aim to fulfil his brother’s left over mission, Sampati narrates the whereabouts of Mata Sita bringing hope to the Vanar army. Although Sampati never served Shri Ram personally nor could meet him in person, his good karma and deeds of helping out the Vanar warriors makes him his old self again and Sampati gains a new life with the help of Shri Ram’s army.

The Squirrel – Being an ardent devotee of Shri Ram, the squirrel wanted to help Shri Ram build the Ram Setu and be of service to him and carried tiny pebbles to be put amongst the huge rocks. Shri Ram who was watching the efforts of the tiny one rubbed on its back with great affection. With his gentle rub, all the fatigue of the squirrel vanished and the imprint Shri Ram came to be forever on the back of the squirrel race since then.
As dear ones to Shri Ram, these divine personas were not great kings of huge wealth or riches, but they had something more valuable with them, and that was their pure heart, and indeed their pure

love was accepted beautifully by Shri Ram who made them eternal in the hearts of all mankind forever with his compassion.