Trijata – The Loyal Companion to Mata Sita

A loyal companion and friend in midst of crisis is most valuable gift of God. Such companionship gives much solace and strength to fight adversities and stand strong. In Ramayan, one such companion who always stood with Mata Sita during her most difficult times is the simple Trijata.


The role of Trijata in Ramayan is a significant one. According to different sources, Trijata is mentioned as the daughter of the noble Vibhishan and Sarama. When Ravan abducts Mata Sita and keeps her captive in the Ashokvan, all the demonesses on the orders of Ravan harass and force her to surrender to Ravan. But, Trijata unlike others gives comfort as a mother to Mata Sita and keeps motivating her that Shri Ram would definitely come to Lanka and save her from the clutches of Ravan.

During Hanuman’s quest for Mata Sita in Lanka, Trijata’s dream is the most significant one which actually makes the demonesses realise the chaste power of Mata Sita. Trijata dreams of Ravan, Indrajeet and Kumbhakarn falling to their doom. She dreams that Shri Ram, Lakshman riding the Airvat the mount of Devraj Indr, while Mata Sita is seated in Shri Ram’s lap. Then she visualises the three of them ride the Pushpak Viman and fly north towards Ayodhaya. She then sees, Ravan, Indrajeet and Kumbhakran drenched in oil and heading south on a donkey. She also sees the pious Vibhishan in white garments riding a royal elephant. She finally ends her prophetic dream by the vision of Lanka getting submerged in the Ocean. The demonesses on hearing this, ask Mata Sita for forgiveness as it creates fears in the demonesses that harm would befall them if they harass Mata Sita. This dream of Trijata soothes Mata Sita, that she would be united with Shri Ram soon.

When Shri Ram reaches Lanka with the monkey forces, Ravan resorts to all deceptive means to force Mata Sita to surrender to him. He makes an illusionary head of Shri Ram, shows it to her and lies that his army of demons killed Shri Ram. Mata Sita sinks into sorrow listening to this false story. However, Trijata assures Mata Sita that this was one of the ill conjuring tricks of Ravan to force her to marry him, as Ravan fears defeat from Shri Ram. Mata Sita gets much relief listening to the words of Trijata and gains her composure back. On the first day of the battle, when Indrajeet binds Shri Ram and Lakshman into the serpentine noose of Naagpaash, Mata Sita laments for their plight. But again with Trijata’s assurance, she understands that they are not dead, but only unconscious. Later Trijata again brings her the good news of both the brothers becoming free of the Naagpaash with the help of the divine eagle, Garud which brings her great happiness


Trijata is one of the selfless trait women who put all her intellect in giving confidence and comfort to Mata Sita. She proves that Dharma can be practised even though born in a demon clan. She was the most loyal, trustworthy and confidential companion to Mata Sita and gave her all the love of a mother. Mata Sita listened to each and every event recounted by Trijata of Shri Ram’s march on Lanka with great hope and happiness. Trijata’s unconditional service to Mata Sita becomes the greatest relief to Mata Sita in her difficult times.