True power lies in saving Dharma teaches Shri Krishna

Being the king of the celestials is a significance of being the more responsible one towards the divine and be more rightful in the protection of Dharma. However, when that responsibility is not fulfilled, then a divine intervention is needed to set it right. Shri Krishna plays that role diligently in teaching Devraj Indr when he forgets what his responsibility as the king of celestials was Devraj Indr being the God of rains was worshipped by all the people of Vrindavan with gratitude for his responsibility as the giver of rains. However, Devraj was filled with pride of his authority and tries to keep the natural seasonal cycle of rain under his command rather than fulfilling it as his duty.


In Vrindavan, as every year people get ready for the worship of Devraj Indr, but Shri Krishna stops them. He mentions that instead of Devraj Indr, they worship Mount Govardhan which gives them yearlong resources in abundance. Believing Shri Krishna’s words, all worship Mount Govardhan. Devraj Indr, angry with this misuses his power and sends torrential rains to Vrindavan and causes havoc. Power or authority when misused for the destruction of Dharma leads to the downfall. But overcome with pride of his power, Devraj Indr puts the people of Vrindavan to misery not understanding that the Almighty himself was there as their protector.

Shri Krishna comes to their aid and lifts the Govardhan Mountain on his little finger and gives shelter to the entire Vrindavan for seven consecutive days and nights. Shri Krishna teaches Devraj Indr that might and power is not everything and the real might lies in saving people, but not in display and misuse of authority given.

Yet, Devraj Indr’s pride does not come down and not realising that he was fighting with the Almighty Vishnu attacks Shri Krishna. But Shri Krishna again makes Devraj succumb on his pride by countering all his weapons. Shri Krishna teaches that an individual who is in authority is not the only strongest one, but the ones who gave him the authority are much stronger. With the lesson of defeat, Devraj indr falls at the feet of Shri Krishna.
Shri Krishna imparts that power cannot be misused for selfish means. Shri Krishna makes Devraj Indr understand that a responsibility or authority given should always be in the welfare of Dharma and the person who holds such position has a huge responsibility to give the benefit of goodness to all in the right way.

No matter one rises in power, if his actions are not in the welfare of the mankind, then he is bound to face defeat just as Devraj Indr. The true strength of power lies in humility and accepting responsibilities with an intention to serve, but not to enjoy. Possessing the same quality, Shri Krishna forgives Devraj Indr and gives impetus to another valuable insight that when accepts their mistakes, then they should be given another chance.

After such a great victory against Devraj Indr, Shri Krishna credits his victory to the love of all his people at Vrindavan and goes back to be the adorable little cowherd, yet again showing the importance of being humble even after an impossible feat achieved of lifting the Govardhan Mountain on his little finger.