Two bodies, One Soul – Shri Ram and Lakshman

Where there is Shri Ram, there is Lakshman. The Seshnag, Lakshman incarnates as the son of Queen Sumitra and the twin brother of Shatrughan. Lakshman remains as one of the greatest heroes in the Ramayan for his valour, devotion and servitude towards Shri Ram.


Fondly called as Ramaanuj, Lakshman accompanies Shri Ram everywhere and takes care of all his needs. Lakshman’s love towards his brother is very strong and he does not take a single word against Shri Ram. When Maharaj Janak rebukes the warriors in the Sita Swayamvar as powerless, he gets angry and challenges Maharaj Janak about Shri Ram’s strength. Lakshman’s strength is so great that when Shri Ram lifts the Shiv Dhanush, all the three worlds start trembling. But Lakshman steps his foot firmly and controls the tremors and makes them regain their balance again.

Lakshman always understood Shri Ram’s actions and supported him. When Bhagwan Parashuram came to punish Shri Ram for breaking the Shiv Dhanush, Lakshman starts to ridicule Parashuram. Lakhsman does this as he knows that when a person is angry, he loses his strength. Then Shri Ram calms Parashuram down with his humility and Parashuram understands the divinity of Shri Ram. It is always that even before Shri Ram says it from his mouth, Lakshman understands it and follows it.

When Lakshman came to know about Kaikeyi’s evil scheme, he gets ready to revolt, but on the command of Shri Ram refrains back. He pleads Shri Ram to agree to take him to the forest along with him. He follows the order of his mother Sumitra, sacrifices his sleep and remains awake all the fourteen years protects and serves Shri Ram. Thus, he attains the name of Gudakesh, the one who has conquered sleep.


Lakshman not only served Shri Ram with dedication, but also guided Shri Ram in times of adversity. Shri Ram was stuck with grief when Mata Sita went missing. Lakshman consoles and gives courage to Shri Ram by saying that a warrior never loses hope and encourages that they search for Mata Sita. Shri Ram is overwhelmed by Lakshman’s love and calls him his strength as both his father and son.

Lakshman kills many of the mighty warriors in the battle with Ravan. Bound by the respect for Shri Ram’s command, Lakshman in spite of knowing it is difficult to win over Indrajeets’s sorcery, does not aim the Brahmastr on him. But, when Lakshman falls unconscious, Shri Ram weeps bitterly like a person who has lost all his strength and gets prepared to die lest anything happens to his dearest brother. With the aid of Shri Hanuman, Lakhshman regains conscious and kills the mighty Indrajeet which becomes the turning point of victory to Shri Ram over Ravan.

Not only Shri Ram, Lakshman has the same love towards his brothers Bharat and Shatrughan. When Shri Ram wants to crown Lakshman as the Yuvraj of Ayodhya, Lakshman humbly refuses and says that Bharat is more eligible as he is elder to Lakshman and also as he has more experience in the administrative affairs. Shri Ram is so pleased with this gesture that he says that in the next incarnation, he would be born as the younger brother and serve Lakshman.


The relation of both these brothers is a personification of unconditional love. Hence, when it comes to quote the relations of brotherhood, the names Ram Lakshman are the first to come to one’s mind.