Two Vultures depict how virtuous deeds make karma better

Man is bound to the cycle of destiny. Be it a prince or a pauper, each and every one has their own destiny to follow and none can escape from it. However, the actions or the karma we do by choice would make difference in life in being an easy or a hard one. How we do, what we do makes an impact on our destiny and it’s upto us to choose the path which on which we want to travel.


In Ramayan, Shri Ram chose the path of Dharma and travelled all his life on the same path. Whatever was the situation he never abandoned his righteous or conducts. All his deeds went on to make difference in the lives of the people he touched. Not only did he follow Karma, but with his behaviour he set a whole new path of Dharma for people to follow. With his friendly approach, confident smile and loads of courage, he gave inspiration to even animals and birds to adhere to Dharma and do good deeds so that it would help their life make a purposeful one.

During his forest tenure, Shri Ram befriends Jatayu, who was the dearest friend of Maharj Dasarath. Jatayu feels blessed in the company of Shri Ram and along with his friendship, offers protection to the Shri Ram also and makes the trio feel secure in Panchavati. As promised, when misfortune befalls Mata Sita in the form of Ravan abducting her, Jatayu rushes to her aid. Although he fails to rescue Mata Sita, Jatayu does not lose hope and makes all efforts to be alive till he could let know Shri Ram of all the happenings and takes his final breath only after relaying Shri Ram about Ravan and to what direction he took Mata Sita.

Jatayu following his destiny selflessly makes a choice to sacrifice his life rather than watch Mata Sita helplessly. Jatayu knew that he could not defeat Ravan, yet he makes a choice of fighting for Dharma. It is this Karma and choice of his which gives the flesh eating bird the ultimate salvation and a place in Vaikunth Dham. His deeds made him the most selfless, revered and respectful animal one has ever known.


Following his brother in such a deed was his brother Sampati too. Sampati comes to know about his brother and tells the Vanar warriors about Ravan captive. While he narrates the whereabouts of Mata Sita, Sampati’s wings start to grow and energy returns back to Sampati and he becomes the same old mighty bird. His good karma and deeds of helping out the Vanar warriors makes him his old self again. It was nothing, but a small gesture of letting know the whereabouts of Ravan, yet with that noble help, Sampati gains a new life. All his suffering and misery sheds away and he bounces back with energy to soar new heights. Thus, his good deeds helped him make his life better.

A good deed or a noble action might not be voluminous but it is the thought that even a small deed makes a great difference and impact on the life of who needs it. Ramayan teaches us that instead of blaming Karma, if one can make it better with his actions and gestures and be helpful to the needy, then life becomes purposeful and better for one self and others too. Karma helps those who help themselves and are helpful to others.