Two Vultures inspire mankind to walk on the path of Dharma

Every creation co exists with each other for survival. A flesh eating animal or bird depends upon hunting other animals to survive and live, while man lives in a society helping each other for surviving, each following their own Dharma. However, when animals come forward to help man in fulfilling Dharma, then that becomes an inspiring lesson for the entire mankind that Dharma is same for one and all should practise it.


In Ramayan, Shri Ram chose the path of Dharma and travelled all his life on the same path. It was the very inspiration of Shri Ram and his righteous path that even animals and birds adhered to Dharma and made their life beneficial and purposeful to others fulfilling their life as a blessed one. To this category, belong the great birds of Ramayan, Jatayu and Sampati.

During his forest tenure, Shri Ram befriends Jatayu, who was the dearest friend of Maharaj Dasarath. Jatayu feels blessed in the company of Shri Ram and along with his friendship, offers protection to Shri Ram makes the company of three secure in Panchavati. It was just not a mere promise of obligation but a promise of life and when the time arose for it, Jatayu stood by it. When Ravan abducts Mata Sita, Jatayu rushed to her aid. Although he failed to rescue Mata Sita, Jatayu with all effort stays alive till he lets know Shri Ram the news of Mata Sita and finally breathes his last.
Jatayu selflessly makes a choice to sacrifice his life rather than watch Mata Sita being carried away. Jatayu knew that he could not defeat Ravan, yet he chooses to fight for Dharma. It is this choice which makes Jatayu the greatest bird ever and an inspiration to mankind to never forgo a promise. His deeds earn him a permanent abode in Vaikunth Dhaam as the most selfless, revered and respectful friend of Shri Ram.

Following his brother in a likewise deed was Jatayu’s brother Sampati. Sampati whose wings were burnt and who depended upon the animals on the seashore for his hunger is surprised and shocked to hear about Jatayu from the Vanar warriors. With an aim to fulfil his brother’s left over mission, he mentions to the Vanar warriors about Ravan holding Mata Sita captive. While he narrates the whereabouts of Mata Sita, Sampati’s wings start to grow and he becomes the same old mighty vulture. His good karma and deeds of helping out the Vanar warriors makes him his old self again and Sampati gains a new life.

For doing a good deed, one need not be only a man, but any creation including a bird, animal or even a demon can fulfil their duty for Dharma. The two Vulture brothers Jatayu and Sampati totally fulfil their duty in co-existing for each other and defining the meaning of life.