Udipi temple – Shri Krishna changed his direction of darshan for a devotee

It often happens that one realises the true potential of the Almighty only when the calling comes. Humans are caught up in the whirlwind of joys and sorrows and feel the need for more, not realising that the support and blessings of the Almighty gives one so much strength that he can change the course of life as he wishes. The Supreme Being is always around, what is important is that we feel his presence and positivity, and that is possible with faith and devotion. Such an instance was proved by Shri Krishna himself, when he turns a non-believer of God, Kanakadas into a true devotee and proves that faith in God is faith in life.


Kanakadas was born in a family of untouchables without any faith in the Almighty. One day Shri Krishna appeared in his dream and asked him whether he needed the boon of true devotion which leads to Mukti. Kanakadas taunts Shri Krishna not to teach him devotion, but instead give him a lot of riches. Shri Krishna disappeared silently, but re appeared every night in his dream asking the same question for which Kanakadas asks Shri Krishna to leave him alone. Shri Krishna goes away and Kanakadas is relieved that he is no longer bothered.

Once, Kanakadas gets attacked by a group of bandits who take away his belongings and leave him severely wounded. Shri Krishna appears in front of him and asks if Kanakadas needed devotion now. With great anger on Shri Krishna, Kanakadas mocks Shri Krishna that if he could be cured of his wounds, he would turn into a true devotee. Shri Krishna gently rubs his hand on Kanakadas, which relieves all his wounds. The touch of Shri Krishna makes Kanakadas how compassionate is the Almighty for him. He turns around to ask for forgiveness and bow to his feet. But Shri Krishna disappears. Kanakadas deeply grieves as he realises that he could never understand the value of the Almighty, and now when he did, Shri Krishna is no more coming to him.

With dejection, he approaches Guru Vyasaraya to accept him as his disciple. Changed into a devotee, Kanakadas spends his entire time composing bhajans on Shri Krishna and waiting for the compassionate one to bless him.

Once, Kanakadas hears about the great temple of Udipi and wishes to have a darshan of Shri Krishna. He reaches the temple, but is not allowed inside the temple as he was an untouchable. Dejected, Kanakadas goes to the backside of the temple and sings a bhajan lamenting on his state that he was unable to have a darshan of the lord. Suddenly the idol of Shri Krishna in the temple sanctum starts turning backward in the direction of Kanakadas and the wall breaks giving Kanakadas a darshan of Shri Krishna. The temple authorities realising that Kanakadas was no ordinary man, welcome him into the temple with great respect. Thus Kanakadas calling was fulfilled by Shri Krishna.

As a mark of respect for Kanakadas, even today the pilgrims have a darshan of Shri Krishna through a window in the back wall of the temple named Kanakana Kindi ( meaning Kanakadas window), but never from the main entrance. Shri Krishna proves that he is always among us , helping us overcome the day to day struggles of life and it is just that one needs to wait have that perception to realise his presence everywhere and understand the calling.