Vibhishan- The Virtuous

While Shri Ram’s army reaches the shores of Ocean, on the other side Ravan starts worrying. Lanka is already gripped in fear by the havoc caused by one single warrior Hanuman, and now the thought of millions of Vanars waiting across the ocean to reach Lanka is a matter of serious concern, and thus Ravan calls for a meeting with this counsel.


A counsel is considered a good one when the ministers advice the king on what is good for him rather than building up his ego. Unfortunately, Ravan’s counsel of mighty warriors is filled with self-pride and they do not realise the consequences of their actions. Out of their arrogance, they advise him in the wrong path.

In the counsel, only one person Vibhishan, advises Ravan the right path. Ravan’s youngest brother Vibhishan, the son of Rishi Vishrava and Mata Kaikesi was known for his virtuosity and conduct. He was always pious, righteous and considered the devotion of Bhagwan Vishnu as the ultimate reality of life. Vibhishan gains the boon of immortality from Brahma Ji. He requests Brahma Ji to grant him the devotion of Bhagwan Vishnu for eternity. Brahma Ji blesses him that his wish would be fulfilled in the incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu as Shri Ram and Vibhishan keeps waiting for that auspicious moment to come in his life.

Vibhishan was always against the actions of Ravan right from the abduction of Mata Sita. Time and again, he advises Ravan to give back Mata Sita to Shri Ram and save the demon clan from getting destroyed. In the counsel, Vibhishan reminds Ravan the acts to be done by true warriors. He reminds Ravan that display of prowess should be done for protecting Dharma, unlike against it. Vibhishan also reminds him never to underestimate the capabilities of the opponent, especially when it is Shri Ram who is the epitome of Dharma. He says that Shri Ram was attacking them for their heinous deeds of abducting his wife and the fault lied with Ravan. Vibhishan as a true loyal to Ravan advises that the welfare of Lanka lies only in returning back Mata Sita to Shri Ram with due honour.

But Ravan gets into a fit of rage and humiliates Vibhishan as an enemy of Lanka. Out of blinded anger, he banishes Vibhishan from the kingdom. Vibhishan takes all the humiliation with dignity and says he has been freed from all the relations of Lanka, and hence he does
not find it fit to stay there anymore and leaves from the counsel of warriors blinded with greed, anger, arrogance and ego.


Before leaving Lanka, Vibhishan assigns the task of Mata Sita’s safety to his daughter Trijata, who was taking care of her in the Ashok Vatika and his wife Sarama. Then the noble Visbhishan sets on the journey of meeting his swami and the very moment he was waiting since long, to have a Darshan of Shri Ram and fulfil his life mission

When Vibhishan seeks refuge near Shri Ram, except for Hanuman, all are against it. But Shri Ram understands the devotion and loyalty of Vibhishan towards him and gives him refugee. He convinces everybody that giving protection to a refugee is the greatest Dharma of all. Impressed by Vibhishan’s virtuosity, Shri Ram offers his friendship to Vibhishan and promises him to make him the King of Lanka. Shri Ram once again proves that sincere devotion is always dear to him and thus, no matter even from the enemy camp, Vibhishan finds a place in Shri Ram’s heart.