What is devotion, but pure love and faith in the Almighty

There are never any conditions in devotions. What the devotee offers is pure love, and what the Almighty accepts is pure love. There might not be riches, wealth and great gifts to offer to the Supreme Being, but even little fruits given with utmost love and faith in the Almighty are much greater than all the riches in the world. Such devotion is always dear to the Almighty and in fact he himself comes to the devotee, just as Shri Ram did for a simple tribal woman Mata Shabari.
It is a subtle fact that worship to Almighty gives us strength to face the joys and sorrows of life in a balancing way, but it should not be aimed at getting any wishes fulfilled, the very reason why Mata Shabari’s devotion was dear to Shri Ram. Mata Shabari’s devotion was pure and untainted. When her Guru Rishi Matang lets her know that it is only after Shri Ram would come visiting her that she could be liberated from the world with true enlightenment, Shabari was not impatient that she was left behind, but instead waited patiently for Shri Ram to arrive at her doorstep. She bought fresh flowers, fruits and kept her simple hut ready for Shri Ram, whenever he arrived. Even when the other rishis in the Ashram doubted whether her wish would be fulfilled, she firmly believes that Shri Ram would definitely come visiting her. The beauty of her worship is this belief which affirms that Almighty listens to all prayers done with belief and trust in him and Shri Ram comes to her.
Mata Shabari’s love is the purest form of devotion which reached the heart of Shri Ram no matter how it was presented. When Shri Ram and Lakshman arrive at her doorstep finally, she does not immediately put up a list of desires to be fulfilled, but gives them care and relaxation. With a concern that Shri Ram might get sour berries to taste, she first tastes the berries and offers him the sweetest and the juiciest of all. This surprises Lakshman, but Shri Ram knew that it was sheer love of Mata Shabari as a mother that she offers him the tasted fruits and this made her devotion special, unlike the rich materialistic things which are offered to God with a desire for a wish to be fulfilled, or as a cover up for any sins committed.
The devotion of Mata Shabari is not only confined to serving Shri Ram, but understanding his pain of separation for Mata Sita. Mata Shabari knew her role in guiding Shri Ram towards the elimination of evil forces and played it diligently. She paved foundation for the friendship of Shri Ram and Sugriv which went on to become one of the greatest examples of friendship values for times eternal.
A true devotee believes in presenting their personality and character to God without any false cover ups. This makes them dear to the Supreme Being, and he enjoys even a tasted berry with all the happiness and joy just as Shri Ram enjoyed the company of Mata Shabari, who affirms that one needs to believe in God out of pure love for him, and for such love and devotion, the Almighty is always at their doorstep.