What you sow, so shall you reap – depicts Ramayan

The greatest responsibility which one can never escape being born as a human is to abide to the karma. This defined in simple way is every action has a reaction. Hence, for mankind it is important that their actions are good and beneficial so that the reactions or the effects of the same actions are equally good. When we sow a mango fruit seed, what we get is a mango tree, but not a coconut tree. In the same way, the result of our deeds is always based on the actions we perform and Ramayan clearly shows this principle of as you sow, so you reap.


The greed of Kaikeyi – In spite of being the mother of Bharat, Shri Ram was the dearest son to Queen Kaikeyi and who adored him more than anybody. But, Manthara has an evil influence on her and she ends up sending Shri Ram to the forest forcing Maharaj Dasarath on his promise. With this action, the most pampered queen becomes the most loathed person in Ayodhya. The result of her action is understood by her only when Bharat makes her realise her greed and rebukes her as his mother. The action of Kaikeyi’s greed leads to her downfall to a situation wherein her own son punishes her by disowning her.

Manthara’s thoughts to divide a family – With pride and possessiveness, Manthara takes advantage of her position in Ayodhya and influences Queen Kaikeyi, which actually separates the entire family physically from each other. But with the gentle behaviour of Shri Ram and his determination to stand for Dharma, the entire family gets united mentally and remain firm on one cause of saving their Dharma. Manthara who planned the entire sequence is just spared with life and left to live a life of seclusion and repentance.

Lust leading to downfall – If a great scholar falls prey to selfishness and conceit, he no longer remains a scholar, but a foolish person who invites his own downfall and Ravan fitted this situation in a picture perfect way. Listening to the evil words of Shurpanakha, Ravan ends up abducting Mata Sita. Where all the wise counsel of Vibhishan and Mandodari fails, Ravan sows the seed of his own doom and invites his wrath from Shri Ram. The lust, pride and arrogance of Ravan’s actions lead to loss of his entire kith and kin and finally his life as a result of his actions. No amount of knowledge gained or scholarly attributes could help Ravan and his doom was a result of all his haughty actions.

Contrary to the three, Shri Ram sowed the seeds of only love affection and righteousness all his life and as a result, it is only in the hands of Shri Ram that these three people get redeemed for their actions. By never changing his affection as a son for Queen Kaikeyi, Shri Ram respects motherhood. By forgiving Manthara, he respects womanhood and by merging Ravan’s soul into his, Shri Ram imparts a message to the world that actions can be mended and there is always another chance to learn. Giving a life lesson of as you sow, so shall you reap, Shri Ram teaches that good actions lead to good results.