When Arjun and Bheem rescued Duryodhan from being a prisoner

The Mahabharat is the major feud of the Pandavas and the Kauravas and how the hatred of the Kauravas led them to their doom and the Dharma of the Pandavas protected them. Duryodhan’s hatred and jealousy made him plot many evil schemes against the Pandavas, but with staunch belief in Dharma and the blessings of Shri Krishna, the Pandavas always had an upper hand with Duryodhan. The more Duryodhan tried to insult and defeat them, the more success and fame favoured the Pandavas. In such incident, Duryodhan fell in his own game when he wanted to trouble the Pandavas, but fell into trouble himself.
During the exile time of the Pandavas, Duryodhan comes to know that the Pandavas were residing in Dwytavan forest. On the instigation of Karn and Shakuni, Duryodhan decides to make them feel jealous of his wealth and power. As planned, Duryodhan with his retinue of Karn, Shakuni and Dusshashan and the entire army comes to Dwytavan and camp close by to the Pandavas. They immerse themselves in merry making with an aim to make the Pandavas suffer and feel jealous. The Pandavas come to know about the stay of Duryodhan and his activities. But, Yudhisthir advises them to ignore Duryodhan and continue doing their regular activities. Abiding to their elder brother’s advice, the Pandavas continue to do so.
Meanwhile, the merry making of Duryodhan’s retinue goes wayward. In intoxication, Duryodhan reaches a pond belonging to Chitraratha, a Gandharva, who was taking a bath along with his wives at that time. Blind with pride and haughtiness, Duryodhan commands Chitraratha to leave the pond to him and when the Gandharva refused, challenged him for battle. Chitraratha deciding to teach Duryodhan a lesson, defeats Duryodhan and his retinue with magical powers and takes Duryodhan prisoner bound with chains.
The Kaurav army panics and approaches Yudhishtir for help. Listening to the plight of Duryodhan, Arjun and Bheem are mighty pleased, but Yudhishtir gets worried and orders both the brothers to rescue Duryodhan. Arjun and Bheem are surprised that Yudhishitr was asking them to rescue their enemy. Then Yudhishtir mentions that it was Hastinapur’s honour at stake and they needed to rescue Duryodhan as they were all one family belonging to Hastinapur.
Arjun and Bheem abiding their elder brother’s words with respect, go to Chitraratha. Although Chitraratha admired the Pandavas for their Dharma, he refuses to let go of Duryodhan. Chitraratha challenges them both that they could take Duryodhan only if they defeated him in war. Arjun and Bheem engage in a war with Chitraratha and his army. While Bheem destroys the army of Chitraratha, Arjun with his powerful arrows breaks all the magical powers of Chitraratha and finally defeats him. Pleased with their valour, Chitraratha asks them a boon and Arjun requests the release of Duryodhan. Elated for their practise of Dharma, Chitrarartha releases Duryodhan and advises him to change his evil ways. A humiliated and defeated Duryodhan returns to Hastinapur.

The friendship of Chitraratha and Arjun continued further, where on the request of Devraj Indr, Chitraratha teaches Arjun dance and music when Arjun visited the Devalok and which helped Arjun survive the Agnyatvaas (hiding period) as Brhannala as a dance teacher in the court of Viraat Maharaj. This incident shows how the haughty people fall to their own pride, while the humble gain success. Duryodhan with all his pride in the end had to be rescued by the Pandavas teaching a lesson that pride and arrogance never lead to success, but only humiliation.