When Bhagwan Shiv puts Arjun to test

Dharma is known for its patience and righteousness even though it goes through a great deal of troubles. The good men wait for the right time and also prepare in the same way too to fight the cunning evil forces. The Dharma of the good persons is so strong that even the divine forces to help them gain the divine powers for victory through various tests and tasks, to test their determination and courage. One such test was by Bhagwan Shiv, to Arjun, the Pandav before granting him the great Pasupatastr.


During their term of exile after losing their kingdom in the game of dice, the Pandavas spend their time in the Dwaitavan forest. Shri Krishna who was their strongest support suggests that instead of feeling miserable about what has happened, they prepare for the future battle with the Kauravas and orders Arjun to propitiate Bhagwan Shiv for the same. Arjun leaves on his mission and goes to a secluded place in the forest and starts his penance on Bhagwan Shiv.

On learning about Arjuna’s penance, Duryodhan sent a demon Mookasura to kill Arjuna. Mookasur took a form of a wild boar to interrupt Arjun‘s penance and started creating havoc in the forest. Knowing about this, Bhagwan Shiv took the form of a hunter and came down to earth to save Arjun and also to test his courage and determination in achieving his mission. Seeing the wild boar, Arjun shot an arrow to kill it. At the same time, Bhagwan Shiv too shot an arrow from his bow. Both the arrows stuck at the same time and there arose an argument between both of them as to who killed the Boar. Arjun challenged the hunter to a battle to decide who the more powerful one was and the one who would win would take possession of the boar. Bhagwan Shiv agrees and a great battle ensues.

Arjun strikes the hunter with powerful Astras and Sastras, yet none of them harm the hunter. Seeing all his arrows fail, Arjun fights with all the rest of the weapons he has like the mace, spear, and sword. Yet, all fail in front of the power of the hunter. Arjun is surprised at the skill of the hunter, yet refuses defeat and engages in a wrestling fight with the hunter, but finally loses to the hunter.

It is at that time that realisation strikes and Arjun understands that he was fighting none other than Bhagwan Shiv. He falls at the feet of the compassionate one and asks for forgiveness. Leaving his hunter form, Bhagwan Shiv appears along with Bhagwathi Parvathi and blesses him with the Pasupatastr and gave Arjun the title of Vijay, the one who cannot be defeated.

The Pasupatastr gave immense power to the Pandavas and was one of the main reasons for victory over the Kauravas in the great battle of Kurukshetra. Thus, Arjun with his traits of determination and courage develops the strength to conquer the Kauravas, and with his steadfast devotion wins the favour of Bhagwan Shiv. With the blessings of Bhagwan Shiv and the support of Shri Krishna, Arjun goes on to be the greatest warrior of Kurukshetra and the yielder of the mighty Pasupastastr proving that Dharma succeeds all troubles and emerges victorious.