When Lakshman had to go against Shri Ram three times in his life

Lakshman is the a epitome of unconditional love and service towards his elder brother Shri Ram. There was never an instance where he left the side of Shri Ram. He was the caretaker, friend, protector and also a mentor to Shri Ram in times of adverisities in the exile period. There was no Dharam more than obeying Shri Ram’ command to Lakshman, except for three times in his life where he had to choose the diffciult path of disobeying Shri Ram’s command. But, there was always a reason behind it which ws totollyy understood by Shri Ram and thus the bond of their affection faded out.


As part of Ravan’s plan, the demon Maricha turns into a golden deer and lures Mata Sita. On her request, Shri Ram goes in its pursuit. Before leaving, Shri Ram orders Lakshman to safeguard Mata Sita and not to leave her alone under any circumstances to which Lakshman agrees. However, destiny plays a different game. Shri Ram kills Marich, but, Marich calls out for Lakshman and Mata Sita for help in Shri Ram’s voice. Listening to this, Mata Sita panics and asks Lakshman to go in search of his brother. When Lakshman refuses, Mata Sita gets furious. She blames him that while one brother snatched away Shri Ram’s kingdom, the other wants to take his wife too. Deeply hurt and unable to bear the blasphemy, Lakshman disobeys Shri Ram’s command for the first time, leaves Mata Sita alone and goes in search of his brother. Ravan kidnaps Mata Sita, but this incident can also be termed as the one which lead to the doom of Ravan.

After a futile search and a battle of Shri Ram and Ravan, Ravan meets his end. Shri Ram sends for Mata Sita to return back to him with due honours. However, he asks Lakshman to prepare a fire trial through which Mata Sita has to pass. Lakshman is first surprised and later furious with this command from Shri Ram. He believes that Shri Ram is testing her chastity and is upset with his brother. He refuses to do it and for the second time disobeys Shri Ram’s command. When Shri Ram explains that it is not a chastity test, but a Lila to get back the original Mata Sita from Agni dev, only them does Lakshman calm down and asks his brother for forgiveness.

The third instance is when it is time for Shri Ram to return back to Vaikunth Dhaam. Yamraj, the god of death comes to Shri Ram in the form of a Brahmin and calls for a confidential meeting. Shri Ram agrees to it and put Lakshman on guard and orders him that whoever enters will be put to death. When Shri Ram is discussing his return with Yamraj, Rishi Durvasa comes for a darshan of Shri Ram. When Lakshman requests him to wait for a while, Durvasa gets anger and gets ready to curse the lineage of Shri Ram. Lakshman believes that it is better that his life is sacrificed rather than the whole dynasty. He disobeys Shri Ram’s order and enters Shri Ram’s chamber. Shri Ram is shocked by this but has to adhere to his promise. But Lakshman has no complaints and leaves his mortal body in the Sarayu River and gets back to Vaikunth in his Seshnaag form, thus prepared to welcome Bhagwan Vishnu to his real abode.