When Shri Ram refused Vibhishan’s request in Lanka

After the great battle of Lanka, Vibhishan was crowned as King of Lanka and all the worlds were filled with joy for the end of Ravan’s tyranny. While Shri Ram was hurrying up to return back to Ayodhya, Vibhishan requests Shri Ram to spend some time in Lanka and remove his tiredness after such a big ordeal. Vibhishan also mentions that the Pushpak would take them back to Ayodhya in a day’s time, so Shri Ram had ample time to relax with Mata Sita and Lakshman. But Shri Ram politely refuses it. Lakshman asks the reason as to why Shri Ram refused Vibhishan’s request.


Shri Ram smiles and mentions to Lakshman जननी जन्मभमू मश्चा स्वर्ाादपि र्रीयसी saying that Ayodhya is the greatest heaven for him and once that his exile has ended, he wouldn’t want to stay at any place even for a minute as his motherland calls him. With this, Shri Ram gently states that motherland is to be given the first priority above all and one has to do their duty towards their motherland and people, in a big or a small way. Shri Ram was a true devotee and had great respect towards his motherland Ayodhya. Shri Ram never treated himself above Ayodhya, but he related his identity as a citizen of Ayodhya. For him, his mother and motherland were never different but one and the same.

There are many of us who go to different destinations in search of a life and stay away from our motherland and place of birth. However it is important that we never forget our roots from where we have originated. No matter how beautiful the new place is or how luxurious and great it is, the warmth and comfort which comes from our motherland is unique and nothing can surpass it. Shri Ram always respected this reality of life. When he had to go to the forest leaving Ayodhya, he carries with him a piece of soil of his motherland so that he may never stop worshipping it and Ayodhya is never far away from his mind and heart.

During his stay at Panchavati with Mata Sita and Lakshman, the three often remember Ayodhya and fragrance of its soil. Although far away from his motherland, Shri Ram always mentions that he is an Ayodhyavaasi and the son of Maharaj Dasarath. When the Devas praise him for ending Ravan’s injustice rule, Shri Ram prefers to remain the son of Maharaj Dasarath and a citizen of Ayodhya, in spite of being Bhagwan Vishnu’s incarnation who had taken birth to save Dharma.

During his return back to Ayodhya, Shri Ram sees the first sight of River Sarayu from the Pushpak and mentions to Mata Sita that the river is like his mother who wants to embrace him as a son. He offers respects to his motherland first and then goes ahead to meet his family. Such devotion for his motherland is an inspiration that motherland is no different from a mother.

Shri Ram was always successful in being connected to his motherland no matter where he was and did his duty towards his place of birth. There is no need to do great and huge tasks for the motherland, even love and respect from the heart and standing for the motherland in times of need is the greatest tribute one can offer to his/her place of birth.