When the quest is for Dharma, the entire Universe joins hands

The balance of the Universe vests in Dharma. When Dharma is protected, it protects the Universe. When Dharma is threatened, then the Universe plays its role in joining hands with the Almighty to protect it. Ramayan illustrates this coming together of various characters that played a key role in guiding Shri Ram to fulfil his mission of killing Ravan and rescuing Mata Sita.


Fore mostly, the Rishis of the Dandak forest guide Shri Ram’s path in the forest to annihilate the Ravan’s army, thus cornering him to the city of Lanka. But, the real story unfolds when Shri Ram finds Mata Sita missing. The entire Universe brings up signs and bits of information which help Shri Ram go on the right path in his quest of Mata Sita. In great grief, when Shri Ram asks every plant, trees, bird and animal about Mata Sita’s whereabouts, the deer and birds constantly look to the South, which makes Lakshman mention to Shri Ram that they start searching in the South direction, which was the first lead to both the brothers.

Jatayu – The noble Eagle although is wounded by Ravan in his attempt to save Mata Sita, yet waits for Shri Ram holding his last breath till he passes on the information about Mata Sita to Shri Ram. The great sacrifice of Jatayu was the significant step in the protection of Dharma and leading Shri Ram close to his mission.

Kabandh – Although initially attacked by Kabandh, destiny becomes favourable to Shri Ram and Lakshman through the cursed Gandharva. Once Kabandh gets liberated from the curse, he helps the brothers by guiding them to meet Mata Sabhari and Sugriv who would help them in their further quest.

Mata Shabari – When Shri Ram and Lakshman arrive at her doorstep, Mata Shabari offers her simple hospitality and lets them know about Sugriv and Hanuman at Rishyamuk Mountain. Shabari plays her role as a mother, devotee and guide and helps Shri Ram find the correct way to reach Mata Sita
Sugriv and Hanuman – After Sampati, the brother of Jatayu does his duty of letting know the Vanar warriors about Lanka where Mata Sita was captive, Hanuman crosses the hundred league sea and reaches Mata Sita. He comes to Shri Ram with the good news and help Shri Ram prepare for battle with Ravan. With the support of Sugriv, all Vanar forces gather for battle against Ravan. What started as a search of two brothers becomes a mission of millions of monkeys.
Vibhishan – in spite of being Ravan’s brother, Vibhishan sacrifices all his ties with Lanka and joins Shri Ram in the mission of rescuing Mata Sita, by setting up an example that Dharma doesn’t belong to any particular clan or person, but to all who believe in it.

Samudradev – When Shri Ram aims his mighty arrow to dry the ocean up after Samudra dev’s silence, Samudradev appears and gives Shri Ram one of the greatest ideas to bridge the waters. Samudradev does his part by supporting the bridge to float on water as all the warriors cross over it to reach Lanka.

Finally, the entire Vanar army fights alongside Shri Ram for the cause of Dharma. Rishi Agastya’s teaching the Aditya Hridayam and the noble Matali coming down to earth with the chariot of Devraj Indr to support Shri Ram complete the picture by denoting that all forces of the Universe, bird, animal, demon, tribal, celestial all were together with Shri Ram in fighting the evil of Ravan.