When the Trinity became little babies in the hands of a chaste woman

Shri Ram during his exile time with Mata Sita and Lakshman visits the Ashram of Rishi Atri and Sati Anasuya and seeks their blessings. Sati Anasuya is delighted to receive them and welcomes Mata Sita with great love and affection. Shri Ram mentions about Sati Anasuya’s in front of whom the Brahma JI, Bhagwan Shiv and Bhagwan Vishnu too had to surrender denoting her great chastity.


Once the three Goddesses Lakshmi, Parvathi and Saraswathi call for Rishi Narad and ask him as to who is the most devoted woman to her husband. Rishi Narad humbly answers that it is Anasuya, the spouse of Sage Atri who serves her husband most sincerely. The Goddesses become envious of this fact and ask their husbands to test Sati Anasuya’ powers. The Trinity agree to this and reach the Ashram of Sage Atri in the form of three hermits.

Sage Atri was away from the Ashram and Sati Anusuya welcomed the three hermits on his behalf and requested them to accept their hospitality. When the hermits ask for a meal, Sati Anasuya prepares the same and asks them to have it. But the hermits mention that they have a rule that they eat the food offered only when the one who serves them does it without any clothing. Sati Anasuya is shocked at this strange condition. She is in a fix that her husband ‘ name should not get tainted by refusing to give hospitality in the way asked for, and at the same time wonders how she could fulfil their condition. She thinks for a while and an idea strikes her.

She mantras sacred water and sprinkles it on the three hermits and turn them into three little babies. With great motherly love and affection, Sati Anasuya feeds them her milk as per their condition, sings lullabies to them and puts them to sleep. The Trinity forget their purpose and get engrossed happily in her motherhood. When Sage Atri returns back home, he is surprised to see three little babies in the lap of Anasuya. He comes to know about the incidents through his vision and is immensely happy that his Ashram has become pious with the Trinity’s presence.

Meanwhile, Rishi Narad comes to the Goddesses and relates them how the trinity have turned into babies. The Goddesses get worried about their husbands and rush to Sati Anasuya and request her to give back their husbands to them. Sati Anasuya shows them the three babies who are alike and tells them with their chaste powers they could pick their respective husbands. The Goddesses hurriedly go and pick each of a baby. When Anasuya sprinkles water on the babies, the goddesses are surprised that Bhagwathi Lakshmi had chosen Brahma ji, Bhagwathi Parvathi chose Bhagwan Vishnu, and Bhagwathi Saraswathi had chosen Bhagwan Shiv. The Goddesses feel shy at their inability of recognising their husbands and ask Sati Anasuya for forgiveness on their pride.

But the humble Sati says that it was a great privilege to be the mother of the Trinity and wishes for a son to be born with the soul of all the three gods. The Trinity grant her wish and a son is born to the divine couple as the Avatar of Shri Dattatreya. Sati Anasuya thus became the mother of the Trinity and showered all the motherly love and affection on the creators of the Universe and made her life a blessed one.