When Vidur got entranced in Shri Krishna’s devotion

Bhagwan Shri Krishna’s avatar is considered as the Lila Maanush Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. Well knowing the purpose of his incarnation, he played different lilas to protect Dharma and its followers. For the ignorant, he was just a cowherd, but for the enlightened, he was the cowherd who ruled the entire Universe.


Shri Krishna was the most benevolent one when it came to blessing his devotees. One such incident is with the righteous and the intellectual Vidur the minister of Maharaj Dhritarashtr. After their exile was over, when the Pandavas wanted their kingdom back, Duryodhan refuses to give it back and raises the curtain for war. However, seeking peace, Yudhishtir requests Shri Krishna to go to Hastinapur and request Maharaj Dhritarashtr to grant them in the least, five villages, so that there would be no bloodshed. Shri Krishna although knowing that Duryodhan wouldn’t agree for this, yet goes on the noble word of Yudhishtir and reaches Hastinapur.

In the court of Hastinapur, Shri Krishna tries to convince in all ways that war is only destruction of the clan, yet Duryodhan does not budge and remains firm on his foolish thoughts and false pride. The sabha ends for the day, and Dhirtarashtr requests Shri Krishna to stay in the royal palace. But Shri Krishna refuses to stay in the palace filled with the negative vibes of Duyodhan’s ego and instead goes to the humble home of Vidur, who was the only person who never stepped back on his Dharma.

Vidur feels more than blessed to have Shri Krishna at his home. He takes care of Shri Krishna’s needs by himself and sees that Shri Krishna doesn’t face any discomfort at his humble abode. Dinner time comes, and Vidur serves dinner to Shri Krishna with the bliss that he has been blessed by the arrival of the Supreme Being at his home and feels elated for getting the opportunity to serve him personally. In such mesmerised thoughts of pure devotion for Shri Krishna, Vidur takes a banana in his hand and starts peeling off the skin to offer the fruit to Shri Krishna.
But lost in devotion, Vidur peels of the skin of the fruit and offers it instead of the fruit. The all- knowing one simply smiles and without any hesitation, takes the banana skin and starts eating it. This happens for some time where Vidur who is lost in the bliss and devotion of Shri Krishna does not notice what he was doing and goes on offering the peeled skin of the bananas to Shri Krishna.

Kunti arrives at the place and notices Vidur’s mistake in offering the banana to Shri Krishna. She stops Vidur and asks him what he upto and that is when Vidur realises what he was doing. Shocked at his mistake, Vidur asks the forgiveness of Shri Krishna. The compassionate swami then replies that it was not a mistake done by Vidur, but the act of pure devotion wherein only the thought of Shri Krishna was filled in Vidur’s mind and nothing else. Shri Krishna says that this act of pure devotion has won his heart and hence he did not mind eating the peeled skin of the banana and it was the tastiest thing offered to him as it was filled with Vidur’s pure devotion. This kind-hearted act of Shri Krishna teaches us that God only sees the purity of the heart and the mind of the devotion, but does not judge the person by way of his actions