Where the younger sibling fills in the roles of a father and a son – Lakshman with Shri Ram

Often it is seen that the eldest sibling has the responsibility of taking care of the family after the father. He has the responsibility of taking care of both the elders and the younger ones in the family. But in the midst of such huge responsibilities, there is always one person in the family who actually takes care of the eldest one and looks after him, thus becoming a silent support for the one who is the caretaker of the family. This silent support was beautifully given by Lakshman to Shri Ram, wherein his life was devoted to the service of Shri Ram and was the inner soul of Shri Ram all his life.


The support system of Shri Ram – Lakshman always understood Shri Ram’s actions and supported him. When Bhagwan Parashuram came to punish Shri Ram for breaking the Shiv Dhanush, Lakshman starts to ridicule Parashuram. Lakhsman does this as he knows that when a person is angry, he loses his strength. Then Shri Ram calms Parashuram down with his humility and Parashuram understands the divinity of Shri Ram. The support of Lakshman is that Shri Ram thinks, and Lakshman implements it.

Does not hesitate to sacrifice his own comfort – When Lakshman came to know about Kaikeyi’s evil scheme, he gets ready to revolt, but on the command of Shri Ram refrains back. He sacrifices his personal life and comforts and accompanies Shri Ram and Mata Sita to the forest serving them without sleep for fourteen years. It was for the love and care of Lakshman that the divine couple never had a discomfort life in the forest and Shri Ram could focus on his mission of eliminating the demons of the Dandak forest.

The guide in times of grief – Lakshman not only served Shri Ram with dedication, but also guided Shri Ram in times of adversity. Shri Ram was stuck with grief when Mata Sita went missing. Lakshman gives courage to Shri Ram by saying that a warrior never loses hope and encourages that they search for Mata Sita. It is with the soothing words of Lakshman that Shri Ram regains his strength back and both start the quest for Mata Sita..
The humble warrior – Lakshman kills many of the mighty warriors in the battle with Ravan, but always credits it to the blessings of Shri Ram. In spite of Indrajeets’s sorcery, bound to the word of Shri Ram, Lakshman does not aim the Brahmastr on him. But, when Lakshman falls unconscious, Shri Ram weeps bitterly like a person who has lost all his strength. With the aid of Hanuman, Lakshman regains conscious and kills the mighty Indrajeet which becomes the turning point of victory of Shri Ram over Ravan.

No desire for power all his life – Not only Shri Ram, Lakshman has the same love towards his brothers Bharat and Shatrughan. When Shri Ram wants to crown Lakshman as the Yuvraj of Ayodhya, Lakshman humbly refuses and says that Bharat is more eligible as he is elder to Lakshman and humbly mentions that his life is to serve his elder brothers.

It is for all this unconditional love and care that Shri Ram gets overwhelmed and fulfils his love and responsibility towards his dear brother by being younger to him in the next birth as Shri Krishna serving Balram in the Krishna Avatar denoting the important role of a younger sibling in the family.