Whispering In Nandi’s Ears In A Shiv Temple Will Fulfill Desires, Believe Devotees

Offering prayer in a Shiv temple is said to be incomplete without saying the desires to Nandi’s ears. Nandi is placed in every Shiv temple in form of a bull. He is Lord Shiva’s best friend and assistant, according to the scriptures.

Lord Shiva is called Lord of the Lords. But Nandi is given very much importance by the devotees too. Nandi is considered to be the best devotee of Lord Shiva. It is said that the Lord himself doesn’t stay conscious of the world always. He meditates most of the time. Nandi, with open ears and eyes, sees and understands everything.

The belief says that Shiva listens to Nandi in every matter and relies on him blindly. They are very close to each other. On the other hand, Nandi does not want all the devotees to disturb Lord Shiva. That is why, he takes charge of listening to the problems and sufferings of the devotees. When Lord Shiva wakes up and comes in a stage to listen to, Nandi tells him every problem. It is believed that Nandi doesn’t make difference between devotees.

In the temples, Nandi is placed on the front side so that the devotees can come and speak of their wishes to Nandi’s ear only and go back after worshiping the Lord. Lord Shiva is believed to have solutions to all worldly sufferings. Praying to him via Nandi makes devotees believe that their problems will surely end soon. They also consider Nandi as an idol as he unconditionally loves the Lord and surrenders himself completely.