Why the bond of Mata Sita is so dear to Shri Ram

Shri Ram and Mata Sita were born for each other not only for the purpose of establishing Dharma that their role as a couple was, but to depict the beauty of love, marriage and bonding of a husband and a wife which is the most important relation for every human to exist. Understanding the very purpose of Shri Ram all her life, Mata Sita in every way was born for Shri Ram as every virtue, conduct and thought of her was as same as that of Shri Ram.


As the princess of Mithila – Born from Mother Earth, Mata Sita was the adorable daughter of Maharaj Janak. Born for a purpose of destroying evil forces, her birth was as special as that of Shri Ram. Equal to Shri Ram in all virtues of humility and nobility, during the Swayamvar, she respects the challenge of her father and prays for Shri Ram’s victory silently, rather than disclosing her love for Shri Ram openly to her father. Mata Sita equals in all ways to the humility of Shri Ram by giving preference to her elders and family before herself and paving way to a noble behaviour as that of Shri Ram.

Being as loving as Shri Ram – As a wife, Mata Sita understands each and every thought of Shri Ram and follows her duty as dear to him. She serves her mother– in laws with respect and treats the younger ones in the family with great love and affection just as Shri Ram did and becomes dear to one and all. Just as Shri Ram respects her, she makes an identity for herself as the perfect match to him through her gentle, truthful and loving behaviour.

Following the footsteps of Shri Ram – Any relation is nice in times of happiness, but the beauty of it is seen when it stands to difficulties. For the cause of his father’s word, when Shri Ram gets ready to start for exile, Mata Sita insists on following him and reminds Shri Ram of her Dharma as his wife. As strong as Shri Ram in upholding Dharma, she believes that her Dharma is to always stay by the side of Shri Ram in happiness and sorrows and rejects all the comforts of a palace. Barefoot, she walks with Shri Ram in his path of Dharma and gives the silent support and strength to Shri Ram’s cause.
Standing for Shri Ram’s honour – Through the deceit of Ravan, Mata Sita gets kidnapped and is held captive in Lanka. Ravan tries to lure her with all luxuries of royalty and when he fails threatens her to death. But in both the conditions, Mata Sita does not divert her mind from the thoughts of Shri Ram. In spite of dire circumstances, she stays courageous and treats the mighty demon Ravan as equal to a blade of grass. She gives importance to Shri Ram’s honour rather than her difficulties refuses Hanuman’s offer of carrying her back to Shri Ram on his back. She mentions that she would like Shri Ram to gain the honour of killing Ravan and acquire the fame of ending the rule of a tyrant. and patiently waits for Shri Ram to come to her.

For Mata Sita, her Dharma was to follow Shri Ram in all his ideals. She defines woman as a symbol of strength through patience and courage which makes her the perfect match for Shri Ram and a representation of the integrity of womanhood.