Wisdom always has an upper hand proves Ganesha

It is always the ability to deal with challenges through wisdom which helps in any situation. Although power and strength are needed to win over, but sometimes, even a little pinch of wisdom dominates and the challenge is won. The Almighty Ganesha proves this in a beautiful sibling altercation of himself and his brother Karkikeya. This simple, yet powerful story proves that wisdom always has an upper hand.
Once, Rishi Narad paid a visit to Bhagwan Shiv. He carried a special fruit with him and mentioned to Bhagwan Shiv that the one who would eat it would gain the highest wisdom among all and asked it to give it to any one of his both sons. Bhagwan Shiv was in a fix and wondered as to whom he should give the divine fruit.
In the meanwhile, the brothers came to know about this, and demanded the fruit for themselves which led to an argument between both of the brothers. To pacify them, Bhagwan Shiv puts up a competition between them that the one who would circle the entire world three times would be declared the winner of the fruit. Listening to this, Shri Kartikeya jumps on to his swift peacock and rushes to circle the world to win the competition.
Bhagwan Ganesh was disappointed as he knew that he was no match for Kartikeya in circling the world. This was because he had a huge body and his vehicle was a little mouse, who could never match the speed of the peacock bearing his heavy weight. Feeling dejected, he sits in a corner and thinks hard to find a solution to win the race.
Suddenly, an idea strikes him and he rushes to his parents. Very politely, he asks Bhagwan Shiv and Bhagawathi Parvathi to be seated together and then while chanting their name does a pradakshin around them for three times. Meanwhile, Kartikeya who was circling the world sees Bhagwan Ganesh at every point finishing the circle earlier than him all three times. Wondering as to how his elder brother could do it, Kartikeya returns to Moutn Kailash.
At Mount Kailash, after encircling his parents for three times, Bhagwan Ganesh requests Bhagwan Shiv to give the fruit to him. Rishi Narad who was watching the entire happenings in surprised at this and asks Bhagwan Ganesh that how he could take the fruit without participating in the competition. Bhagwan Ganesh smiles and says that he had participated and won the competition too. At the same time Kartikeya returns back and admits that Bhagwan Ganesh had finished encircling the world before him and hence his brother was the winner. All are surprised with this answer and ask him how he could do circle the world staying in Kailash all the time.
Very humbly, Bhagwan Ganeash answers as Parakriti and Purusha, it was from Bhagwan Shiv and Bhagawathi Parvathi that the entire world was born and hence doing a pradakshin around them was as equal to encircling the entire world. Bhagwan Shiv was immensely pleased with the intelligence of Bhagwan Ganesh towards them and declared him winner Shri Karitkeya apologises to his elder brother and as Bhagwan Ganesh gave him the true wisdom about his parent’s greatness, Kartikeya honoured his brother with the title of Kumar Guru- meaning the guru of Kartikeya and the guru who is the embodiment of true knowledge.