Yuyuts – The brother who gave Dharma the first preference than his family

The strength of the family depends upon the foundation of unity, equality, love and affection on which it grows. Depicting this, Mahabharat is a classic epic which denotes how a family can be united and also divided and how the personal ego’s conflicts should never be bought into the realm of Dharma as when Dharma gets affected, the family gets divided on the basis of good and bad.


The Pandavas and Kauravas though were brothers were divided into this major conflict of good and bad. While Yudhishtir stood up for Dharma and was righteous, Duryodhan was caught in his own conflict of ego and arrogance and resorted to the path of Adharma. After the relentless patience and wait to avoid conflicts and bloodshed by the Pandavas, when Duryodhan did not step back on his injustice, it was time for Dharma to retain back its place and the war of Kurukhsetra became unavoidable.

While the five brothers with the blessings of Shri Krishna were on the side of justice, the hundred brothers of the Kuaravas supported Duryodhan. However there was one brother who stood for the Pandavas and he was youngest brother of the Kauravas Yuyuts, who was a righteous person who always believed in Dharma.

Yuyuts was believed to be born to the maid of Gandhari and Dhritarashtr, when Queen Gandhari was facing problems with progeny. He was born at the same time of Duryodhan and was raised up along with them, but Yuyuts resented the arrogance and injustice acts of Duryodhan always. He was always righteous and believed in being together with the Pandavas rather than conflicting with them.

During the time of their Gurukul Ashram studies at Dronachary, Duryodhan was jelaous of Bheem’s power and wanted to poison him. Yuyuts who came to known about this warned Bheem and saved his life. During the game of dice by Duroydhan and the evil Shakuni, Yudhishtir was cheated and had to lose his kingdom, brothers and even Draupadi as slaves to Duryodhan. Yuyuts at that time openly condemned the acts of his brother. Yuyuts left the Sabha unable to take the insults, but mentioned that Dharma would always wins in the end.


When the battle of Kurukshetra was about to begin, Yudhisthir makes a call to all the warriors of both sides that they could exchange sides if they wanted and stand for them whom they liked. Yuyuts who was in the battlefield on the side of Duryodhan, immediately rode to the side of Yudhishtir and requested that he would fight on the behalf of Pandavas as Dharma was on their side. For the sake of Dharma, Yuyuts sacrificed his own family, kith and kin and fought bravely and helped the Pandavas win the war over the Kauravas. He was one of the few warriors who survived the war.

After the war of Kuruskhestra, Yuyuts was made the king of Indraprasth. He ruled over the kingdom as a just king and was devoted to Dharma and gained the love of all his subjects. When Yudhisthir started for the Swargarohan with his brothers, he called for Yuyuts and asked him to supervise the kingdom of Hastinapur when Yudhishtir’s grandson Parikshit was made king. Yuyuts till the end of his life served Dharma and retained his name of a loyal brother. His less known story speaks volumes of people who retain Dharma sacrificing their own kith and kin and their personal lives.