The brothers of Ramayan with their different perspectives

It is true that while relations of family are decided by God, how to maintain the relation with the family depends upon the thinking of the individual has Family is the best gift granted by the Almighty and the bond has to be cherished forever. It is only the family which stands with an individual through thick and thin and gives strength to life. The Ramayan explicits many such beautiful bonds of family, like father and son, mother and son, husband and wife and sibling relation. The sibling relation is shown in different shades of good and bad, and each of the sibling relation in the Ramayan depicts a lesson on how a relations are important in a family.


Shri Ram and his brothers – Shri Ram loved his three brothers dearly, however Lakshman was the one without whom he couldn’t stay away even for a minute. They were half-brothers, but one soul. When Shri Ram was declared king, he expresses his desire to share the kingdom with Lakshman and mentions that what all are his, are Lakshman’s too. Shri Ram has the same affection for his brother Bharat too, where he sacrifices the kingdom for his brother’s happiness. When Lakshman is unconscious in the battle, Shri Ram no longer wants to wage a war for Mata Sita as he feels without Lakshman none of his happiness matters. He is relieved only after Lakshman regains conscious and gets back his zeal to fight for his mission. The brothers of Ramayan depict how a family becomes an ideal for mankind with their unity in all times.

Bali and Sugriv – While Shri Ram forgoes his happiness and kingdom for Bharat, Bali banishes Sugirv from the kingdom overshadowed by pride. Sugriv was a dutiful brother who always followed Bali’s footsteps however Bali overlooked the service of Sugriv. After the fight with the demon Mayavi, without knowing what had actually happened, Bali banishes Sugriv from the kingdom and all the more takes possession of Sugriv’s wife Ruma. Bali creates misery in Sugriv’s life instead of protecting him, and that finally leads to Shri Ram punishing Bali. It is only when Shri Ram explains what is real Dharma, Bali understands his mistakes. However the reconcilement is done by Bali entrusting Angad to Sugriv and wishing for his success. Bali and Sugriv depict that trust between siblings is most important and one should not fall prey to pride about his achievements and neglect his own people.

Ravan and his brothers – Born to the great sage Vishrava, while Ravan went to become the conqueror of the world, Kumbhakarn was the mightiest and Vibhishan was the righteous one. However Ravan fills his mind with pride and arrogance bout his powers and neglects the good counsel of his brothers. Ravan does not realise that his brothers are his true well-wishers and succumbs to the false praises of people. Ravan breaks the family apart, with Vibhishan leaving him for good and Kumbhakarn sacrificing his life for Ravan. Ravan’s life is a lesson that even the mightiest of the warrior is doomed when he doesn’t give respect to the good counsel of his siblings.


The sibling shades of Ramayan are understandings to mankind as to how the relation can be both nurtured and made permanent or broken with arrogance and pride. Shri Ram chose to be the adorable and the ideal brother, while Ravan teaches a lesson of what not to as a brother.