The great coronation of Shri Ram

It is festive time in Ayodhya. After fourteen years, the city of Ayodhya was smiling again as Shri Ram along with Mata Sita and Lakshman was returning back from exile. Bharat starts from Nandigram to receive his dearest brother. The Pushpak Viman arrives with Shri Ram and his entourage in it. As soon as it lands, the joy of the people reaches the skies and all welcome Shri Ram with tears of joy and exalted happiness. Shri Ram descends from the chariot and offers his salutations to Rishi Vashisht and his mothers. Bharat offers the padukas at Shri Ram’s feet fulfilling his duty and both embrace each other in great bliss. The final moment of the long waiting comes to an end and all brothers are united again after successfully doing their individual duty towards Dharma.



Bharat then requests Shri Ram to take back the kingdom of Ayodhya. On the orders of Rishi Vashisht, the three brothers and Mata Sita take a sacred bath in River Sarayu and mount on a beautifully decked chariot and start in a procession to Ayodhya. Bharat himself rides the chariot and Shatrughan holds the royal staff behind Shri Ram. Nine thousand elephants followed them with Vibhishan, Sugriv and the other warriors duly riding behind. Dance and music fill the air and the festivities are in full swing. Completing their exile period, Shri Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman enter the palace of Ayodhya. The three mothers welcome them with great joy and happiness.

Then, the preparations for the coronation of Shri Ram and Mata Sita start. Rishi Vashisht fixes up the auspicious time and all rituals start taking place. On the order of Rishi Vashisht, Hanuman and the other warriors get the sacred waters from the four oceans for the coronation. Hanuman bought the waters from the Eastern sea, Rishabh from the Southern sea, Gavay from the Western sea and Nal from the Northern sea. The other Vanar warriors get waters from the five hundred rivers too, for the rituals.

Shining as Manu, Shri Ram along with Mata Sita, accompanied by his three brothers entered the coronation chamber and both of them sat on the throne as showed by Rishi Vashisht. Then Vashisht consecrated Shri Ram with the sacred waters. Vibhishan and Sugriv sprinkled all kinds of sacred herbs on the divine couple. Then Rishi Vasisht placed the crown which was designed by Brahma Ji with beautiful with gems duly on Shri Ram’s head, anointing him the King of Ayodhya. Mata Sita was crowned as the queen of Ayodhya The gods, celestials, Rishis, Yakshas, Gandharvas and many more stood in the skies and witnessed the great coronation of Shri Ram. The divine apsaras danced beautifully and sung praises of Shri Ram. The three worlds rejoiced happily, the earth shone with rich crops, and divine flowers spread out their fragrances all over.

Shri Ram, as soon as he became King, donated a hundred thousand horses and cows and thirty crores of gold coins to the Brahmins. He then presented many precious jewels and gems to his dear friends Sugriv and Vibhishan and other Vanar warriors. On Hanuman’s request, Shri Ram and Mata Sita gave him a boon to reside in his heart forever. The era of Ram Rajya starts. Thus ends of the great epic of Ramayan. But, in the true sense, it can be said that it is a never ending story and the more one hears, reads or recites it, the more it gets closer to heart. The glory of Ramayan never ends.