The wise and great warriors of different clans in Ramayan

It is the Universal truth that Dharma is one and the same for all the beings in the Universe. Everyone

has a different role to play, but the goal is the same. This truth was eternalised in the Ramayan,where not only Shri Ram, but all his followers who were from various clans, too walked in the path of Dharma, leading by example that it is not just a leader, but also the entire pack which has to abide to Dharma, and do their respective duty in upholding it.

Jatayu – Compassion is so great that it makes a vulture the dearest friend of Shri Ram. The bond of Shri Ram and Jatayu was a special one of that of a friend and also a protector. Jatayu offered Shri Ram protection in Panchavati and gave his life for the same. He fought Ravan with all his strength and tried to save Mata Sita from his clutches. It is only through deceit that Ravan wins the fight, yet Jatayu’s mission was not a failure. He saves his breath till he tells Shri Ram the direction in which Ravan took Mata Sita, laying down the first foundation for Ravan’s doom. With his ultimate sacrifice, he becomes an epitome of friendship between man and animal.

Hanuman – Hanuman was no mere monkey, but a representation of strength, courage, humility and faith. He becomes the first one to cross the major obstacle of the mighty Ocean and reach Mata Sita.

With all his devotion set in Shri Ram, he single-handedly destroys the golden city of Lanka, and fights the mighty warriors of Lanka. With saving Lakshman’s life, he sets an example of heroism that faith can move mountains. With his life devoted in Shri Ram’s servitude, he became the icon of devotion to one and all and a representation of courage through his heroic deeds.

Vibhishan – There is no boundary of a human or a demon when it comes to standing up for Dharma,

says Shri Ram. With profound belief in the same, Vibhishan leaves his home, kith and kin and surrenders in complete faith to Shri Ram. Tired of his brother’s atrocities, Vibhishan leaves his brother for good and does his duty in protecting Dharma. He gives wise counsel and advice in battle and helps Shri Ram secure victory in the battle. One need not be a warrior in battle, but being courageous enough to stand and fight for truth against his own people also is heroic proves Vibhishan.

Jambavant – The most intellectual being among Sugriv’s ministers, Jambavant with his timely council and wisdom advises Shri Ram and helps him in his fight for Mata Sita. It is because of the motivation of Jambavant that Hanuman crosses the mighty ocean.

Jambavant’s wise strategies help the young Vanar warriors plan wisely in the war and not lose their composure in times of need. When Lakshman falls unconscious, Jambavant provides solace and confidence to Shri Ram that Hanuman is the one who could bring the Sanjeevini herb and save Lakshman’s life.

Shri Ram always paid all his regards and respect duly with all his love and affection on these heroes who helped him in the fight for Dharma. Be it animal, demon, bird or human, all were equally loved by him. Shri Ram as a human has inspired millions to follow his way, but what also makes Ramayan special that his aides who were belonging to different clans too, inspired the world towards duty and responsibility.