Friendship goes waste with evil minded company – Life of Karn

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relations and support one can ever have in life. Having a true

friend is the greatest boon to a human. However, the same friendship goes waste when done with

evil minded people and it becomes more of a duty rather than blissful relation. This turmoil of

friendship was faced Karn, the warrior famous for his friendship with Duryodhan in the Mahabharat.

Born as the son of the Surya Bhagwan and having an illustrious lineage, Karn’s destiny was however

different. Being abandoned by Kunti, Karn grew up to be Radhei, the son of a charioteer. But Karn

went on to become a great warrior and reaches the court of Hastinapur to display his skills.

However, he gets ridiculed by Guru Dronacharya for his low status as a charioteer’s son. But,

Duryodhan comes as his saviour and makes him the king of Angadesh and forever earns Karn’s trust

and friendship.

The first meeting of Karn and Duryodhan is a beautiful lesson of friendship wherein Duryodhan

questions the inequalities of the society and takes a step ahead in recognising Karn’s talent as a

warrior rather than giving importance to his status in the society. Friendship is pure and doesn’t see

any high and low of the society. At the same time, just all the virtues end up in the preservation of

Dharma, friendship too has to be done in the adherence of Dharma, which the two friends fail to


The life of Karn is a perfect example to show as to how important the choice of friendship is. Karn

was a virtuous person known for his honesty, benevolence and courage, but all his virtues were

overshadowed in the company of the pride and ego of Duryodhan. Many mistakes are made in the

evil influence of Shakuni by Duryodhan, but Karn obliged with the virtue of friendship, keeps quite to

all the evil doings of Duryodhan. As a friend, it was the foremost duty of Karn to advise Duryodhan

from doing evil deeds, as nothing is greater than Dharma, but Karn ignores it and supports

Duryodhan as he only sees the angle of friendship between them, but fails to guide his friend in the

right way. It is important that one supports friends, but when Dharma is hindered, then protecting

Dharma is greater than protecting friends who hinder Dharma. This, Karn fails to comply.

Before the war of Kurukhsetr, when Shri Krishna reveals to Karn his original identity of being the son

of Kunti, Karn is shocked, but does not change sides as advised by Shri Krishna. Although Shri Krishna

advises him that Dharma was greater than anything and one should never take sides on the stand of

Dharma, Karn disagrees and supports Duryodhan although he knew that he was on the losing side.

Bound by his word, Karn finally gives the ultimate sacrifice of giving his life for Duryodhan in the

battle, giving up his most priceless life as a cost of their friendship.

Karn’s life is an insight that choice of friendship is very important in life. friendship is to be done with

a pure heart and sacrifice, but it should never go against Dharma. Karn’ lesson is a life lesson that it

is equally important to make friends with pure minded people just as the relation of friendship is

pure and pristine.