The sons of Surya Bhagwan

Surya Bhagwan, the Sun God is the primal source of energy in the world. It is the energy and light which sustains the life in the world and the entire creation. The great responsibility of this sustenance was given by Brahma Ji to Surya Bhagwan. The progeny of Surya Bhagwan is vast and is of illustrious celestials, kings, warriors and many more.


Vaivasvata Manu – The ruler of the present Universe is Vaivastava Manu. Previously, he was a king named Satyavrata. Bhagwan Vishnu appeared to him in the form of the Matsya Avatar and led Satyavrata to take the Saptarishis and the important elements needed for the next Manvantar in a boat during the Pralay which was the one night of Bramha Ji. After the great waters receded, and it was time for a new world, Bhagwan Vishnu made Satyavrat the ruler of the Manvantar and named him Vaivasvata Manu.

Yama – The God of death Yama is the son of Surya Bhagwan and the Sanjana, the daughter of the divine architect Vishwakarma. Yama is one of the celestials who rules the South direction and balances the good and evill deeds of a human during his life span and decides the retribution for them.

Ashwin Kumaras – The twin gods of health and medicine, they cure illnesses and bestow good health. They ride on a horse driven chariot just before the Sun God appears on the horizobestowing energy and good health to the world. They are also the spiritual fathers of the twin Pandavas, Nakul and Sahadev in the Mahabharat.

Revanta – He is the son of Surya Bhagwan and Sanjana. Once, when the glare of Surya Bhagwan was very high, Sanjana could not take his heat and ran away to the forests in the disguise of a horse. When Surya Bhagwan came to know about this, he too came disguised as a horse and with their union, Revanta was born. Revanta is the chief of Yakshas and is seen riding a horse with a bow and an arrow.

Shani – One of the celestial Navagrahas, Shani rules the destiny and the karma of the humans, hence is considered one of the very important celestials. The worship of Shani is done with great reverence and respect for the power he holds. He rides on a black crow and wears black clothes. He favours those who worship Shri Hanuman, and blesses them with good fate.

Savarni Manu – The son of Surya Bhagwan and Chaya, Savarni will be the eighth Manu in future after the end of the rule of Vaivasvata Manu.

Sugriv – The dearest friend of Shri Ram and the brother of the mighty Bali, Sugriv was the son of Surya Bhagwan and Aruni, (who incidentally was a King). Sugriv’s role in Ramayan is the most significant one, wherein he becomes the key factor in the quest of Mata Sita and helping Shri Ram win over the war on Ravan with his Vanar army. The friendship of Shri Ram and Sugriv till date is the best quoted one till date.

Karn – The ill-fated, yet brave warrior of the Mahabharat was born to Kunti through the spiritual connection of Surya Bhagwan , because of the boon of Rishi Durvasa to Kunti. Karn is known best for his loyalty and friendship to Duryodhan for which he withstood many curses and finally sacrificed his life in the great war of Kurukshetra.

As equal in fame to their illustrious father, the sons of Surya Bhagwan were the embodiments of knowledge and courage and stand as sons equal to their father in all ways.