The story of Rishi Agastya and Mata Lopamudra

Rishi Agastya is not only revered for his great knowledge and contributions to our Sanatana Dharma, but also known for his many tales and adventures through which he has created a special place for himself. His adventures were not only spread to saving the good from the bad, but also in becoming a householder and duly teaching mankind that all have to follow the four Purusharthas. His marriage to a princess Lopamudra is an interesting story too.


It once happened that Rishi Agastya went to pay a visit to the heavens. On the way to Swarglok, he found a group of people hanging upside down from a tree. Rishi Agastya was surprised and asked the reason for their pitiable state. The people replied that they were his ancestors and it was Rishi Agastya who was the reason for their state to which the sage was surprised. They mention to Rishi Agastya that as he was unmarried and childless, there was nobody who could offer them oblations after him and hence they were in such a state.

Rishi Agastya repented for their plight and decided to find a suitable girl to marry to relieve his ancestors. He reached the kingdom of Vidarbha and saw that the king was performing a Yagn to beget a child. Rishi Agastya knew that his destiny of being a married man lied here and blessed the king and a daughter was born. She was named Lopamudra and grew into a beautiful and an intellectual princess.

When Lopamudra was of age, Rishi Agastya re visited the king and asked the king to give Lopamudra’s hand in marriage to him. The king had all the due respect for the sage, but was worried whether his daughter who was a princess would agree to leave a comfortable life of a palace and be a ascetic’s wife. But the wise and the noble princess duly agreed without a single hesitation and happily married Rishi Agastya.

Lopamudra was a chaste wife and duly to took care of all the needs of her husband all time. However, Rishi Agastya got engrossed in his austerities and forgot all about Lopamudra. Dejected, Lopamudra composed a hymn demanding his love and attention. This made Rishi Agastya realise that he had forgotten his duty towards her and his ancestors and changed his ways. Soon, a son named Dhirdyasu was born and thus Rishi Agastya’s ancestors were relieved from their states and ascended to the heavenly skies.

Rishi Agastya and Lopamudra are worshipped as one of the sacred rishi couples of our Sanatana Dharma. Just as Rishi Agastya, Lopamudra too was a great Vedic scholar and there are many hymns from the Rig Veda composed by her. The famous chant of Sri Lalitha Sahasranaam was popularised and spread by Lopamudra making all understand the greatness of Bhagwathi Parvathi. This chant was taught to Rishi Agastya , by Bhagwan Hayagreev, who was an incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu.

Being a princess, Lopamudra left all her comforts and luxuries and duly followed Rishi Agastya. Being a sage, Rishi Agastya duly folwed his duty of being a family man and fulfilling his duties towards his ancestors. The rarely known stories of this divine couple are indeed great insights for us to understand that when duty and love is fulfilled by a husband a wife, then they becomes the icons of worship in all times flowing.