When Shri Ram named Hanuman as Bajrangbali

Out of the infinite names of Shri Hanuman, there are few names which have beautiful stories woven around them and which remain as the everlasting stories of devotion of Hanuman towards Shri Ram and the affection of Shri ram towards his devotee. Once such story is when Hanuman was named Bajrangbali by Shri Ram.


After Shri Ram was crowned as the king of Ayodhya, Hanuman stayed back with his master serving Shri Ram and Mata Sita in Ayodhya. Along with Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan, Hanuman devoted himself into the service of Shri Ram and spent all day looking after his needs. There was never a minute that he left Shri Ram’s side in the whole day. Mata Sita rejoiced with Hanuman’s service and looked after him as her son and the entire royal family had great respect for his servitude and devotion for Shri Ram.
One day, as part of his daily routine. Hanuman came to the chamber of Shri Ram and Mata Sita to start his day by taking their blessings. When he entered the chamber, he saw Mata Sita applying a dot of sindoor in her forehead (a ritual followed by married woman). Hanuman asked her the reason as to why she gave so much of importance to the simple dot, when she had so much of jewellery to wear.

Mata Sita smiled and mentioned to Hanuman that this small orange dot of sindoor was the most important to her as adorning it on her forehead would give a healthy and a long life to Shri Ram. Hanuman is impressed by this thought and leaves the chamber calmly. As usual when Shri Ram is ready to go to the court, he finds Hanuman missing. He is surprised by this and searches in the whole palace for him. Shri Ram wonders where had he gone as there is never a day Hanuman was not by his side.

After sometime, Hanuman comes to Shri Ram with sindoor all over his body. Shri Ram is surprised to see that Hanuman in this strange way and asks him the reason behind his strange appearance. Hanuman humbly mentions about his conversation with Mata Sita and adds that if a tiny dot of sindoor on Mata Sita’s forehead could give long life and prosperity to Shri Ram, then how much a whole body dipped in could sindoor would do good to his master. Hence he had applied sindoor all over his body for the long life and prosperity of Shri Ram.
Shri Ram is mighty pleased with his Hanuman’s love and affection for him. Seeing Hanuman completely soaked in orange colour, Shri Ram fondly calls him Bajrangbali (Bajrang meaning orange). For the pure hearted love of Hanuman, Shri Ram gives Hanuman a boon that whoever would worship Hanuman with sindoor would be blessed by Shri Ram’s eternal devotion and favour. Since then, Shri Hanuman is called Bajrangbali, and it has becomes an important ritual to worship Hanuman by applying sindoor (bright red vermillion colour) to his idol to get the favour of both Shri Ram and Shri Hanuman.